Chapter 7: Mercy

(Yup. I’m back!)

The day was just like yesterday, until lunch. I was actually eating it this time. “Can I sit here?” A blond girl asked. I nodded. “So Grace, how you liking’ it here?” I shrugged. “I’m Mercy.”

“N-nice to meet you Mercy.”

She smiled. “So, what do you like to do in your spear time?”

“Draw.” I answered, shyly.

” Anything else? Do you like to play outside?” She asked.

“Um…yeah…I enjoy playing outside. Biking.” I said. With more confidence.

“Hey, me too! Maybe we can go riding together,” she said happily. I looked up and smiled.

“Ok. Hey, here do you live?” I asked.

“70th Way.”

“No way!”

“What?” She asked.

“I live on 70th Way, too! House number 132.” I said, happily.

“This is so cool! I live right across the street!” She answered. We both started to laugh.


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