Chapter 5: Dinner. Chapter 6: Good-night.

“So how was work, David?” Mom asked. He said it was good. “So, Grace, how was school?”

“I told you, it was fine!” I repeated.

“Everyone was nice?” Dad asked.

“If when people just stare, but don’t talk to you nice…then yeah.” I answered. Mom looked at dad. “It’s ok.” I put in. Mom looked worried. “Mom, I don’t care what they do, or say!”

Dad smiled. “That’s my girl.”

Chapter 6: Good-night

I was listening to some music on my MP3 Player. It was at my favorite song, ‘All Hail Shadow,’ from Shadow the Hedgehog. “Nothing can stop you know. No ghost can bring you down! When there’s nothing felt to loose, you win!” I hummed. Dad walked in.

“Lights out.” He said. I turned off my music and put it to charge.

“Night dad.” I whispered as he turned of the lights.

“Night, Snowy Mountain.” He whispered.