The School. Chapter 3: How Was Your Day?

At 4:00 the last bell rang. I grabbed my things and started for home. The sidewalk was flooded, flooded with kids! ‘About 600 kids each having two eyes…’ I did the math in my head. ‘1,200 eyes?! No, no, 1,200 eyes to stare at me…no!’ I took the long way home. I got home around 4:30.

“How was your first day?” Mom asked. I shrugged, putting my bag in my room. “Grace?” I looked at her and shrugged again. “What took you so long?” She asked.

“I…took the long way,” I answered. She sighed. I tried to smile. “Nothing happened, ok? Nothing happened.”

“Ok.” She went back to opening caned green beans.

“Is dad coming home today?” I asked, washing my hands. He’s been working so hard he slept at the office. She nodded. I clapped my hands with glee.


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