The School: Chapter 2: Lunch.

‘Ug! Why does the whole school have lunch at the same time?!’

I felt like everyone there had stared at me TWICE! Some girls even started whispered, when the thought I wasn’t looking. I found an empty table and sat down. I picked at the food on my tray. I wasn’t hungry. Mom says I’d never eat if she didn’t force me to. Nobody sat with me, which was fine by me.

Jessy sat across from me. Two of her friends sitting beside her. One being, Brain, he’s in my homeroom. “Hey, Elsa! When are you going to sing let it go?” He laughed. I smiled. They looked annoyed, I didn’t cry or something.

“Can I ask, how did your hair turn white, is it a disease?” Jessy asked. I shook my head. I still didn’t look up.

“I-I was born like this, my mom’s hair was white,” I mumbled.

“Mrs. Rose’s hair isn’t white!” The other girl said.

“…No…my…REAL mom.”

After a few more minuets of them asking questions, must not being answered, Jessy and her friends finished, and said good-bye. After the had left I dumped my tray and headed for my locker.


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