Chapter 5. Book 2. (The finals).

“What?! How dare you?” He yelled at everyone in the court room.

“We dare by the facts. You cold has possible started, ‘War between Worlds!'”  Mr. Rocket answered calmly.

“You, President Gruff, are here by impeached!” The supreme court judge finalized. “And are sentenced to two years in prison.”

“You can’t do this! You dirt bags!” He yelled, as was dragged off. Mr. Rocket was now, president of the United States of America .

“Dr. Mac, how would you like to be my chief scientific adviser?” Mr. Rocket asked.

“It’d be my pleasure,” he answered.

They crawled through the hole. The moon was high in the sky. Sonic yawned. “See ya.” He walked off to his hut. Winter and Shadow walked toward their hut. Shadow bumped her, she bumped him back. They dashed for the front door, it was a tie. The stopped laughing as they opened the front door. Winter walked down the hall and peeked into Tails’ room, he was fast asleep.

“Good night, Tails,” she whispered, closing the door. She entered her room. She lay on her bed, awake. All was quite, and all was right. She slowly drifted into a light sleep.

The end!

(Sorry for this book being so short, but well things happened and… …well hope you liked it). 🙂


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