Chapter 4. Book 2.

Tails was sitting in the lookout, where Silver had left him. He hears someone climbing the ladder, he peeked, he pulled his head back. “Orbot, Q-bot,” he gasped. He looked around. He picked up his wrench. Once their heads appeared, Tails brought it down on them. “Guys, up here!” He called. Rogue flew in through the window, seeing the bots and the wrench in Tails hand, she laughed. Soon, Knuckles and Silver were laughing. Tails smiled.

“They won’t remember a thing!” Rogue laughed. Knuckles took them far, far, away from Knothole. Tails ran to tell Cream and the others it was safe to come out.

“Oh good, I’m glad you’re all ok.”

Amy laughed when Tails told them what he’d done to Orbot and Q-bot. “Ha. Should I buy you a hammer?”

“No, thanks,” Tails giggled. Cheese was flying over their heads, Vanilla grabbed him and laughed.

“Hey. Have Winter and the guys get back yet?” Amy asked. Tails shook his head. Amy sighed. “Something’s never change.” Vanilla put her hand on Amy’s shoulder.

“They are always fine,” Vanilla reminded.

Sonic had pointed them out to Shadow. “Yeah, great, but how are we going to do THAT?” He whispered.

“Winter could clear a path,” he whispered.

“For a few minuets tops,” she answered.

“That’s all I need, if Shadow covers me.”

Winter and Shadow nodded. She shot icicles, the men backed away. “Go, Sonic!” He ran and grabbed the flame thrower and set the gas on fire.

“Fire! Fire! Get the president out of here! Fire!” Men were yelling and running in all directions. The president was yelling for them to stand their ground. But he was forced out for the room.

“I’ll get you for this! Mark my words!” He threatened. Winter was keeping the fire back by keeping a good 3 inches of snow between them, and the inferno.

“Get down!” Shadow yelled. The vehicles blocking the portal exploded. “Let’s go before the whole building fall down on us.”

They ran through at full speed, once they felt the grass under their feet, “Chaos Control!” The portal began to collapse, soon it was gone. Winter took a deep breath, “Something’s on fire.”  They looked around. Sonic’s tail was on fire!

“Ahh!” He screamed, putting it out. Shadow laughed. “It’s not funny, Shadow!” Shadow keep laughing. Winter smiled. The problem was solved. They’d never see the president again.


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