Chapter 3. Book 2.

“What, why me?” Silver asked.

“You have no good reason!” He declared, crossing his arms. Knuckles raised his fits. “Fine. Fine, I’ll do it, no need to get violent.” He headed for Winter’s hut. ‘What am I going to say?’ He thought as he opened Tails’ bedroom door. “Hey…Tails…how are you feeling?”

“I should be asking you that, Silver,” Tails answered. He crawled out of bed.

“Um…Tails…” he stopped. Tails was looking right at him. “Winter and the guys aren’t back yet!” The words rushed out.

“They’ll be ok, they always are,” he answered. Silver was not sure if he was comforting him, or himself.

“You’re right,” Silver replied, looking at Shadow’s bedroom door. “They’ll be fine.”

Orbot threw another rock, still no sound. The two inched their way toward the tree. Q-bot disappeared! “Q-bot? Where have you gone?” Q-bot reappeared, an evil grin on his metallic squared face. Orbot got the massage. They’d found Knothole!

Silver and Tails were up in lookout. “Silver, somebody’s coming!” They looked. Silver grabbed the horn and blew three long blasts.

“Stay here, Tails,” Silver ordered climbing down.


“Tails, I mean it!”

Tails sat down and sighed. Knuckles and Rogue meet Silver. “Amy’s with Vanilla and Cream, what’s up?”

“Orbot and Q-bot are HERE,” Silver informed.

“Those two idiots found us?!” Rogue asked. Hands on her hips. Silver nodded. They looked around…the bots disappeared!

Winter fired and icicle warning. The men took steps back. They couldn’t run through the portal, one the snipers, and two the vehicles were blocking it. Sonic was looking around, their were some barrels of gas, spare parts…and a flame thrower. Sonic had an idea.


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