Chapter 2. Book 2.

Rogue was getting even more worried by the minute. Amy was cleaning her hammer vigorously. Silver was levitating some books. ‘What’s taking them so LONG?’ They all thought.

They knew what they wanted, it was quite obvious, and it wasn’t good. “Make this day easier for us ALL, give us the Chaos Emeralds!” One sniper called. Shadow looked at the others, they shook their heads. “I’m not kidding, this day has been HELL! I’ll shoot.” They shook their heads, showing no signs of fear.

“You cant,” Winter began. “Because ONLY WE can use Chaos Control.” He growled knowing she was right.

“Ok, smart girl, what don’t you show us?!”

“Because, I’m not stupid, unlike some people I know, I know what will happen if I do.” She said, rolling her eyes. He loaded his gun. The president held up his hand. The snipers mumbled angry words and, one by one, lowered their guns. Sonic sighed.