Chapter 1. Book 2.

“Smarter then you though,” the president laughed. Shadow glared at him, but didn’t dare move. Snipers were pointed at them. They couldn’t use Chaos Control or the portal would collapse, trapping them on that side possibly forever!

Silver was pacing “They should be back by now.”

Knuckles looked up. “Yeah. You think something went wrong?” Silver and Rogue looked at him with, ‘of course we do,’ faces. Knuckles sighed. “It always does, doesn’t it.”

They just stared at he president, who was brushing he fingers through his brown and gray hair. Mr. Rocket shook his head. ‘I can’t believe he is doing this! What is wrong with him?! Does he not see how they are?! Sonic, Winter, and Shadow?! God, why is he so stupid?!’

Orbot and Q-bot were roaming the woods, looking for Knothole. (Why?!) “If his top bots can’t find it, how can we?” Q-bot asked. Orbot threw a rock at a tree… no sound… they looked at each other.

Tails was sitting on his bed, looking at he closed door, waiting Winter to walk in. Cream did instead. “Hey, Tails how are you feeling?”

“Oh. Yeah, Cream, I feel better,” he smiled. She smiled. He sighed, ‘Winter, where are you?’


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