March 20, 2015. Heads Up.

Spring’s here, finally it only took…FOUR long hard months! It was cold down here, in FLORIDA…the SUNSHINE STATE, hello! Well out with the old, and in with the new, time to start some real spring cleaning. Ah, and my favorite parts, planting things, flowers, and getting ready for…the best season of all time…summer!



Something Cool is Going to Happen Tomorrow.

I’m so existed, tomorrow is going to be a full solar eclipse! It’s going to be my first eclipse in my WHOLE life…eclipses are very rare, we’re lucky to see one! Then on April 3th, the Passover, there will be a red moon! This will be my second.

My science geek self is bursting with excitement! I can’t wait! I’m so writing about my experience in my journal! 🙂

Hope you all have a great day. (Also a Springy Spring Break, those in school)! 🙂

Chapter 5: Dinner. Chapter 6: Good-night.

“So how was work, David?” Mom asked. He said it was good. “So, Grace, how was school?”

“I told you, it was fine!” I repeated.

“Everyone was nice?” Dad asked.

“If when people just stare, but don’t talk to you nice…then yeah.” I answered. Mom looked at dad. “It’s ok.” I put in. Mom looked worried. “Mom, I don’t care what they do, or say!”

Dad smiled. “That’s my girl.”

Chapter 6: Good-night

I was listening to some music on my MP3 Player. It was at my favorite song, ‘All Hail Shadow,’ from Shadow the Hedgehog. “Nothing can stop you know. No ghost can bring you down! When there’s nothing felt to loose, you win!” I hummed. Dad walked in.

“Lights out.” He said. I turned off my music and put it to charge.

“Night dad.” I whispered as he turned of the lights.

“Night, Snowy Mountain.” He whispered.

The School. Chapter 4: Dad’s home.

“Daddy!” I yelled jumping on him. I know, ‘daddy,’ sounds babyish, but he’s the fist dad I REALLY had.

“Hey, Snowy Mountain, how was your first day?” He asked putting me down. I gave him my later face. I wanted this feeling of happiness to last forever. He nodded. “Samantha, I’m home!” He called. She popped her head out of the kitchen, she smiled.

“Hi, honey, I’m making your favorite, Green Bean Casserole.” He made a grossed out face. I giggled. Mom smiled, “Her laugh, a rare thing.”

“Yeah.” He answered watching me set the table.

The School. Chapter 3: How Was Your Day?

At 4:00 the last bell rang. I grabbed my things and started for home. The sidewalk was flooded, flooded with kids! ‘About 600 kids each having two eyes…’ I did the math in my head. ‘1,200 eyes?! No, no, 1,200 eyes to stare at me…no!’ I took the long way home. I got home around 4:30.

“How was your first day?” Mom asked. I shrugged, putting my bag in my room. “Grace?” I looked at her and shrugged again. “What took you so long?” She asked.

“I…took the long way,” I answered. She sighed. I tried to smile. “Nothing happened, ok? Nothing happened.”

“Ok.” She went back to opening caned green beans.

“Is dad coming home today?” I asked, washing my hands. He’s been working so hard he slept at the office. She nodded. I clapped my hands with glee.

The School: Chapter 2: Lunch.

‘Ug! Why does the whole school have lunch at the same time?!’

I felt like everyone there had stared at me TWICE! Some girls even started whispered, when the thought I wasn’t looking. I found an empty table and sat down. I picked at the food on my tray. I wasn’t hungry. Mom says I’d never eat if she didn’t force me to. Nobody sat with me, which was fine by me.

Jessy sat across from me. Two of her friends sitting beside her. One being, Brain, he’s in my homeroom. “Hey, Elsa! When are you going to sing let it go?” He laughed. I smiled. They looked annoyed, I didn’t cry or something.

“Can I ask, how did your hair turn white, is it a disease?” Jessy asked. I shook my head. I still didn’t look up.

“I-I was born like this, my mom’s hair was white,” I mumbled.

“Mrs. Rose’s hair isn’t white!” The other girl said.

“…No…my…REAL mom.”

After a few more minuets of them asking questions, must not being answered, Jessy and her friends finished, and said good-bye. After the had left I dumped my tray and headed for my locker.

The School. Chapter 1: The lions’ den.

I was looking at myself in the mirror. My white, shoulder length, curled hair loose. I was going to Apollo High School. My mother had been homeschooling me form the third grade, but now, we didn’t have the money to pay for all the needed supplies…so…yeah, now I going to ‘the den of lions…’ I-I mean Apollo.

“Grace, come on we’re going to be late!” Mom called from the front door. I sighed, put on my glasses, grabbed my bag, and headed out the door. It was about a 5.5block walk to Apollo High School. I wished it was long. The place was HUGE! There was a banner saying,

Welcome to Apollo High School.

“What’s so welcoming?” I whispered to myself. Mom and I walked into the principal’s office.

“Hello, I’m Mrs. Langston…and you must be Grace, oh,” she looked at my snow white hair. “Oh, how nice to meet you.” I waved shyly. If there’s one thing I CAN’T do, no matter how hard I try is talk to strangers. I get knots in my stomach. “Well, um,” I know why she was stammering, my mom’s hair is black, and my dad’s is brown, mine…snow white. How? Well, my REAL mom had white hair, I never met my father, he was killed two month before I was expected. Mother died two years ago, I was 14. “Classes start in 20 minuets…remember your room number?”

“Yes. 179.” I whispered.

“Locker combination?” She asked.


She clapped her hands. “Great…um…well, nice meeting you Grace. Nice seeing you again, Mrs. Rose.”

Mom smiled. “See you after school.” She gave me a hug and a kiss. I rocketed to my locker, hoping, against all odds I wouldn’t be noticed. Soon the first bell rang. I sat in the FAR back corner. The other kids were talking to each other.

“Alright class, please find your seat.” After everyone was quiet and seated. “I’m Mrs. Rosetta, I will be your homeroom teacher. I’d like to welcome all you new comers to Apollo High School!”

‘Roll up the welcome mat we get it.’going to call attendance.” She called a few names…in alphabetical order. “G” is close to the beginning so sooner than later, “Grace Winters?” I was motionless. “Grace Winters?” Everyone started looking around the room. I finally raised my hand. Everyone started bug-eyed at my white hair. I sighed. Mrs. Rosetta continued the attendance. Pretty soon, but not soon enough if you asked me, the first period bell rang. My first class was English. Mr. Hubman wasn’t the nicest teacher on the block. He kept staring at me. My next class before lunch was my favorite, Earth Space Science. Mrs. Washington was very nice she didn’t stare, just called my name and moved on.

I couldn’t help but notice a girl had the same classes as me. Jessy River. She was short with long black hair. She seemed to know everyone in the whole school! The bell rang. I was putting me notebook in me locker to head for lunch.

“Hey, Grace, right?”

I looked. It was Jessy. I nodded. She smiled.

“Jessy let’s go,” one of her friends called. She walked off. I rolled my eyes.