Chapter 11. (The final chapter).


Silver was hacking into their system. “Silver,” Shadow hissed. “Speed it up!”

“I passing the last fire wall, esh, hacking isn’t easy, Shadow,” Silver answered. Shadow looked down the hall. Dr. Eggman and two men were coming.

“Well, tell that to them,” he warned. Silver looked…and he cursed.

“Done! Let’s go,” he said.

“Chaos Control!” They appeared were Shadow had left Tails. “Silver, take Tails and go to Knothole. Tails, Silver may faint, be ready.” Shadow ordered. “Go! No arguments.” Silver sighed. The two headed for Knothole.

A alarm went off. “CATCH THOSE HEDGEHOGS!” The president’s voice boomed. Every one jumped into a vehicle and started the engines.

“On you marks…get set… …go!” Sonic laughed. They ran slow so they would keep following. The president was in the first one. They gave each other high fives. They started to speed up. The president was yelling hysterically. (The vehicles were small, quick turning, and fast). Winter and Sonic zigged and zagged between trees and each other. They were getting closer to the portal.

“Got it?” Winter asked.

“Yeah. You?”

She held up a blue Chaos Emerald. “Remember, in, out, then we do it,” she reminded. He nodded. They were now running at full speed.

“Don’t lose them!” The president ordered. Shadow appeared beside them.

“Don’t think I’m gonna let you two have all the fun,” he said. Sonic smiled. They ran through the portal, but something went wrong…it always does.

The end! 


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