Chapter 10.

(Another story coming to an end! There is just one chapter after this!)

They were all preparing for the fight of their lives. No one spoke a word once 3 feet from the clear. Winter gave them the down and quiet signal. She and Silver were hiding behind bushes. Silver was watching their 6, and Winter their 12. Sonic looked around. Shadow tapped him on the shoulder, pointing. ‘Tails!’ Sonic thought. Everyone else seemed to have seen him as well. (If you are wondering, no. Cream, and Vanilla aren’t with them).

Tails looked around. The sun was high in the sky. Mr. Rocket and Dr. Mac were talking. The president was yelling at Eggman. The men were scouting the perimeter.

Shadow turned the Chaos Emerald in his hand. Sonic pushed him down. “Get off me!” He growled. Sonic put his finger to his lips. Two men walked by.

“Ha! Mr. President, it’s time,” Eggman announced, pointing at the tree line. The president smiled.

“Open fire!” He commanded.

“On what, sir?” Liz asked. “There is nothing there.”

“Shoot along the tree line,” he answered.

They all shielded themselves behind the trees. “They know we’re here!” Knuckles yelled.

“No, ya think?!” Amy answered.

“Shadow! Chaos Control now!” Winter yelled. “Get Tails out of there!”

“Chaos Control!”

“Shadow, boy am I glad to see you,” Tails said quietly, and with glee.

“Yeah. We can catch up later, now grab my hand…Chaos Control!” He responded. The two appeared  2 feet from the tree line. Shadow put Tails down behind some bushes and told him to stay put. Tails nodded, as Shadow dashed off.

“We need to lead them back to the portal! If they enter it quickly enough it might collapse!” Silver yelled over the sounds of the guns.

“How?!” Knuckles yelled back.

“Well, they want us, don’t they?” Amy replied. The shooting stopped.

“Come out, or else,” the president called. Winter nodded. Amy, Knuckles and Rogue started toward the portal. Winter and Sonic were buy them more time, (since they’re are faster). Silver was waiting for Shadow, so they could go behind enemy lines.

“What took you so long?” He whispered when he saw Shadow.

“Yes, Silver, Tails is safe. Now what?”

Silver pointed behind enemy lines. Shadow grinned. “This’ll be fun.”


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