Edge of Tomorrow. [129/150].

So I just finished watching this movie. It was a pretty good movie.

So the main character, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), is assigned to film the battle at a beach off London. He tried to blackmail, General Brigham (Brendan Gleeson), and doing so is demoted. Now his is still going on the beach, on a suicide mission and is now, for the first time, placed into combat. He was killed in minutes, but before dyeing he killed a rare Mimic called an Alpha, and is covered in his blood. Now, with the help of Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) uses his ability to reset the day to find and kill the Omega, which asks like the master computer of the Mimics.

Yeah. The story sound great…but the movie was ok. There were few things that made no sense. This movie didn’t earn it’s PG13 ratting if you ask me. The aliens weren’t scary at all! (Maybe I watch to many Syfy movies).If I recommend it…well…you could watch it but it’s not a must see or anything like that.