Chapter 9.

She was keeping to the shadows. She had been following then for about 5 minutes, now. ‘Wonder were they’re headed. Hey… Tails! Oh, thank heavens he’s alright. But how am going to get his attention?’

He could feel he was being watched. He looked at the gun-man sitting behind him. No, a good feeling. He looked around, nothing. “Sir, where are we going?” Tails asked.

“Well, to the outskirts of the woods, to try to make a plan,” Mr. Rocket answered. “Like we couldn’t do that on the other side!”

‘Far from Knothole, good.’

The rumbling stopped. Cream opened her eyes. Her toys had fallen. She slowly began to crawled out from under her bed. “Cream? Cream, are you alright?”

“Yes, mother I’m fine,” she replied. She began to clean her room. Her mother smiled.

Shadow got up from the ground slowly. He looked around. A few things had fallen, but nobody was hurt. Everyone was soon standing. “What are they trying to do?” Knuckles asked. Rogue flew in.

“They’re drilling into the ground. They’re convinced we are underground,” she brought them up to date. “Oh, and yes, Tails is with ’em.” Everyone seemed a little relieved.

His ears were still ringing. “Clear!” One man yelled, and the drill started drilling. Dr. Mac coved his ears, as did Mr. Rocket. After about five minutes, “STOP! Peter, STOP!” The man yelled again. The drill stopped.

“What’s up, Jack?” Jack showed him something on the monitor. “Geez. Thanks bro.” Jack smiled.

“What is going on here Mr. Jack?” The president asked. Jack explained the problem. The president sighed and called Dr. Mac.

“Nothing can live down there! They’re not down they, sir,” he answered. The president looked at Eggman.

“Could be, I said could be down there! Plus, Tails knows were Knothole is, and you’ve wasted your time drilling a hole!” Eggman defended himself.

“I won’t say,” Tails answered automatically.

“No matters, they’ll be here soon.” The president answered walking away.


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