Chapter 8.

Dr. Mac took a deep breath. He smiled, “The air is so fresh here. They’re few places left like this on Earth. But here, this whole planet is like it.”

“There aren’t any, um, you know…Savages ’round here, right?” Mr. Rocket asked.

“No, since you’re working with Eggman,” Tails answered. He looked as they drove by the entrance to Knothole.

It was like a mini Earthquake. Sonic was peeking through the enteral point. ‘Shoot!’ He slowly back out of the hole and ran toward the others, the ground still shaking. “I think they just sent through the whole army!” Sonic announced.

“Hmm. Less painful then I thought,” Silver whispered to himself.

“Yeah. Well, they got kinda close to us, so ya,” Sonic finished. Winter looked at Rogue.

“Fine. It’s been a while since I’ve done some real spy work.” She smiled, flying off.


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