Chapter 7.

“While, that is good for us… it’s also bad,” Silver began. He was still sitting since he still felt a little light headed.

“How bad?” Knuckles asked.

“For us, they can send through what ever they want. For me… um, well let’s just say I could get lots of sleep,” he finished. Shadow patted him on the back.

“Anything? No strings attached? No line crossing? Nothing?” Sonic asked in a tone of disbelief. Silver nodded. Sonic sighed. “Great, just great. I always wanted something to remind me of Earth!”

“Sonic, stop. None of us are thrilled, but we’ve gotta keep cool,” Winter said.

‘Wow. How does she always know what to say?’ “Fine. I’ve gotta move.” He said running out the door. Winter sighed.

“We can do just fine without him!” Knuckles announced. Shadow had to agree.

“No! Knuckles, we need to work together! We all need to work out the crap between us! What don’t you get?” Winter said. That was the closes to her sounding angry at one of them…EVER.

His thoughts were racing as fast as his feet. This was probably, by far, the worst day of his life. ‘What’s wrong with me? I would have taken action by now…’ he stopped. ‘Am I scared?’

Tails was watching as his friend’s dooms, go through the portal. Then, to his utter shock he was forced into a military vehicle with Dr. Mac, and Mr. Rocket, which was driven through the portal. He couldn’t help but smile, when he was back in his world. He was home…kinda.


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