A Story I’ve Been Working On. Part 13. (Final Part).

They were all surrounding her making sure no Mechs got to her. Mirlinda moved her arm up into the air, a huge wave rose and fell over Metal Sonic before he could react. It also drenched most of the other bots. Eggman was astonished. In one fell splash, all his hard work and time on bots… wasted. “You’ll regret that…ALL OF YOU!” He yelled.

“Sounds like a big baby,” Knuckles commented. Everyone agreed.

“If life here always this, ‘existing’,” Mirlinda asked. Sonic nodded, and laughed.

“Pretty cool, right?” Mirlinda laughed. ‘Sure is different then it was on the ARK. But it’s nice here.’

“I could get use to this,” Shadow said. He looked at Mirlinda, she smiled and he smiled back. ‘Yes, Maria. I will be happy here.’ He thought. He could just see her smile.


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