Chapter 5.

Shadow was looking at Silver. He was laying motionless on the mat. “Winter, what’s wrong with him?”

“Shadow, I really don’t know,” she answered. Shadow didn’t know what to think, his friend, his best friend, was looking-he shook the thought. It all happened so suddenly.

Sonic was at the lookout tower. He was thinking bout what Winter said. ‘My weakness, another’s strength? Sure I’m not the strongest, and the worst swimmer in history, but what did she mean?’

“Oh Cheese, I’m worried for Tails,” Cheese nodded. “What if-oh” Cream stopped short. “No, Winter nada the others will rescue him!”

“You know, you could try being nicer.”

Knuckles turned, “Don’t you know how to knock?”

“The door was open. Look, Knuckles, I mean it, you could try to be nicer,” she repeated. Knuckles looked at her. “What? Oh, is it that I’m not Winter?”

“Rogue… what do you want?” He asked.

“Besides the Master Emerald?”

Knuckles growled at her.

“Ok. Esh. I was only joking! Talk about a loose fuse.”

“What did you say?” Knuckles asked, angrily.

“Nothing.” She said walking away.

“That bat…” Knuckles mumbled.


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