Chapter 4.

Tails was looking right at him. ‘I can’t help them…I can’t.’ He reminded himself.

“Tails, come on make it easier for everyone… just… help,” Eggman said.

‘Oh Sonic! He gets on my nerves!’ Knuckles thought angrily. ‘Just because he is supper fast, he thinks he is the best! Well, one day he’ll learn!’

“As will you, Knuckles,” Winter said. Not looking at him.

“I thought we had a deal, my thought stay mine only, Winter,” he answered. She chuckled. “What’s so funny?” She smiled. He gave her a look. Amy ran in panting send sweating. “Amy! What’s wrong?” Knuckles asked getting up, because it looked like she as going to faint.

“They… sent a troop…I…lead…them…away…lost ’em in the deeper parts,” she said, breathlessly.

Shadow was in his room, thinking. He was getting up to leave, when Silver grabbed his arm. “Shadow. It’s not what you think, ok. There is no room for error!”

“Sure. But… you know how much time we have! We’ve got to move!” He answered. Pulling his arm away. Silver felt something, he moaned. Shadow looked at him. “Silver, are you alright?” Silver put his weight on him, he was holding his head. “Silver? Silver, what’s wrong?!” Still no answer.

“He is amazing!” One man marveled. Tails was mad at himself. He was helping them stabilize the portal. He had two guards were watching him. ‘I’m sorry, Winter… I’m sorry.’

He didn’t know what to do. Silver was always there for him, now, when he needed him, he didn’t know what to do. “Silver? Silver!” He said again. His body was limp. “Winter!” He called. Winter came through the door. She looked at him, then Silver.

“Put him on the mat, Shadow,” she said. He was breathing, which was good.


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