A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 12.

They were fighting what seemed to be a never ending battle. “Shadow, on your 6!” Mirlinda warned.

He turned, “Chaos Spear!” He distorted the huge Mech. “Thanks.”

“There’s more where that came from!” Eggman laughed, pushing buttons. More bots and Mechs came flying over. Mirlinda drowned some, but more sprang up.

“Shadow, this is a losing battle! For each we destroy, 3 more come!” Mirlinda yelled, ripping the head of a bot. He knew she was right.

“Sonic, we have to help them!” Tails said. Sonic nodded. They all climbed into the Tornado. “Ok guy, hold on!”

“I can’t keep this up much longer,” Mirlinda panted. Shadow looked around. There was no escape.

“Give up? I might go easy on ya!” Eggman mocked. Three Mechs blew up.

“Hey. Need some help?” Shadow nodded. Soon most of the Mechs, an bots were down. They were all panting and sweating.

“I tried to reason with you! Go get ’em Metal!” Eggman laughed. They looked at each other. Metal Sonic, is a robot that looks like Sonic, and is just as fast and powerful.

“Look out!” Shadow yelled. They could tell Metal Sonic was getting annoyed. So was Eggman.

“Gr! Hold still! All of you!” He yelled pulling his mustache. They all rolled their eyes. ‘Why would we do that? It’s not like we WANT to die!’ Metal was know in the air.

“Hey. Metal’s a robot,” Amy began.

“Yeah, he could use a bath,” Mirlinda finished.