Chapter 3.

“Looking’ for, him?” He asked. “Ah. Mr. President, we meet again… what a nice surprise.”

“Hello… Dr. Eggman…yes, we were looking for him,” he answered.

“You’re both going to regret this!” Tails threaten.

“I’d shut up if I were you!” The President threatened. Eggman laughed.

“Why don’t we… work, together? With my brains and your weapons, we’ll be unstoppable!”

“Mr. President I wouldn’t do this… do you not remember what this man tried to do?! Rule the world?! Hello?” Mr. Rocket was for filling his job description. Of core, the president didn’t listen.


“She’s… um…”

“I know Silver, I know. But she’s right, we’ve gotta work fast,” Shadow answered. No body had an idea on how to save Tails.

‘I hate Eggman! I could be home trying to find a way to close this portal, and live on like the never happened! But no! Instead he brings me back here and I’m cuffed on this STUPID THING!’ Tails thought with rage. He didn’t even try… there was no escape.

“We are going to need to work together,” Sonic said.

“Yeah. But we don’t all have your speed, Sonic,” Knuckles reminded with a slight tone of anger.

“Well, what about strength?” Sonic asked rolling his eyes.

“Ok wise guy!” Knuckles yelled, raising his fists.

“STOP!” Shadow yelled.

“Shadow, calm down,” Silver whispered. Shadow looked at himself, he was glowing red and in the air. Everyone stopped. Winter looked at him with her calm blue eyes. He calmed down.

“Look we’re going to REALLY need to work together. One’s weakness, another’s strength!” Winter said looking at everyone. Sonic stroked his quills, like he did when he was upset. They all knew she was right.

“Mr. President, the portal is unstable… it could close!” Dr. Mac said, looking at Tails. Tails looked at him with huge eyes. Dr. Mac felt bad. Eggman walked over and whispered something into the president’s ear. He looked at Tails meanly.

“So Tails, you forgot to tell me your foot at technical, and scientific problem. Just like Winter… you’re going too help us stabilize this thing, that is, if you ever want to see Winter again.”


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