Chapter 2.

“Ok, something’s wrong!” Shadow exclaimed.

“HEY! Shadow, calm down! That’s what the humans want us to think! I’m worried too…we all are! Just stop and think!” Sonic yelled. Shadow stared, then turned away quickly.

“Please, Winter… don’t let them get me,” Tails whimpered. She had lost track of time. It felt like hours before Cream given the news.

“How long can a hedgehog spin?” The president mocked. Her had was spinning. ‘Thank God I didn’t eat lunch!’ She thought.

“Ah. Winter’s in a predicament! Why don’t we ‘help,’ her,” Eggman asked.

“Stop! Leave him out of this, leave him alone!” Winter yelled. Three men made a move for him, there was nothing she could do.

“No, no, let me go, Winter, HELP!” Tails said. He was ripped off of her back, the man holding Tails, stepped back.

“Open fire!” The president commanded.

“NO!” Tails cried, struggling. Winter was bouncing around like ping pong ball. She felt a piercing pain in her lower leg. She fell to the ground moaning and groaning in pain, holding her right leg. “Winter, get up! Get up, please!” Tails begged. She tried… but pain rushed through her whole body.

“Well, Tails looks like you’re stuck with me,” the president said, walking up to him.

“No, stay away from him,” she moaned. She tried to stand, but couldn’t.The president was walking around, looking Tails over. Stopping at his twin tails.

“Now the name make more sense,” he laughed, pulling them.

“Hey!” Tails said. The man holding him pushed him down on the ground.

“That’s no way to talk to the President of the United States!” He scolded, pulling him back up.

The president turned to Winter, “Ya know, my little girl always wanted a… pet!”

“NO!” Winter said with angry. The president laughed.

“Finish her,” he said. Walking toward the portal. Tails holder following.

“No! Winter, please! Let go!” Tails cried.

“I save you…” she whispered in pain. Soon they were out of sight, Tails was gone.

“She gonna die… let’s go,” Booth ordered. So soon she was alone in the ash of the meadow. Her eyes grew heavy. She tried to keep the open but the pain was over whelming… all went black.

“Great! Just great-Mr. President, you’re back… what? You kidnapped one of them?” Mr. Rocket asked seeing Tails. Tails was crying softly. ‘Winter… gone…’ was all he could think. He was placed on a metal bed, then metal cuffs were snapped around his wrists and ankles. Everyone was looking at him. He wanted to disappear… he wanted to know inter was alive… he wanted to go home, like this never happened.

“Hello, I’m Dr. Mac,” he introduced himself.

“I want to go home, I want to see Winter,” was all he could say.

“He speaks, English! Amazing,” One scientist said. Dr. Mac could see the fear in his eyes. He seemed very young… very, very young.

“What is you age? How old are you?” He asked.

“E-eight y-years o-old,” he stammered.

“Only eight, Mr. President you kidnapped an eight year old fox?!” Mr. Rocket raved.

“I wasn’t aware at the time,” he answered plainly.

“You would have cared! You knew how old Winter was when you had her KILLED!” Tails yelled. Everyone looked at the president.

“How old? HOW OLD?” Booth asked with anger.

“…17…” the president asked. Liz put her hand on Booth’s shoulder.

“…17…haha…my daughter’s 17! I KILLED A 17 YEAR OLD?!”

“She wasn’t human! You’ll be known as a hero, Mr. Booth!” The president answered.

“How many did she kill? NONE! She was only trying to get home, to her family, like we do! People can think what they want but this day will haunt me, what am I gonna tell Linda? Hm? ‘Hun, I killed a 17 year old hedgehog?!’ She didn’t even fight?” Booth sobbed.

“Ok, I’m looking for her!” Shadow dashed off, Sonic right behind.

Her eyes flickered opened, she could hear racing footsteps.

“Winter! Winter!”

“Over here!” She called. Sonic ran over, along with Shadow.

“What happened, Tails?” Sonic asked. As he and Shadow help Winter walk back to Knothole.

“Human,” she replied.

He had had Lord knows how many scan. Now they were studying his twin tails. “What could they be used for?” One asked.

“For flying! Now leave me alone!” Tails yelled.

“You can fly?” Dr. Mac asked, surprised.

“I just said I could,” Tails answered.

“Show us,” the president said with a disbelieving tone.

“I can’t do that LOCKED ON THIS STUPID THING!” Tails informed So the men unleashed him and put him on the ground.

“Ok, now, fly,” the president commanded. Tails began to whirl his two tails, and was soon in the air. The people below staring in aw.

“He uses them like helicopter blades…interesting…” Dr. Mac explained.

“Haha, he’s a pro,” Mr. Rocket laughed. Tails had his eyes on that portal. ‘Ok, 1, 2…3!’ He zoomed toward the portal, he had made it through, then something mechanical grabbed him pushed him back through… it was Eggman!

“You did everything you could…” She was in her hut, in her room, on her bed.

“I couldn’t stand… when he needed me to.” She replied. Shadow didn’t know what to say, he wasn’t very good with these types of things. “Well, guess we are going back to Earth!” Winter said.

“Winter… the portal’s unstable… if it closes… Tails is… lost forever,” Silver said. He was the portal expert.

“How long?”

“4 to 5 hours…” he answered shaky.