Chapter 1.

He was looking around, not that he could see very well. It was a cool, quiet night, just the sound of the wind blowing through the treetops. He was inside a treehouse that served as the many lookouts. Knothole, the name of their hideout, if that is what you want to call it, was in the middle of a thick woods. It was in the only clearing for miles, which you would think made it incredibly easy to find… wrong!

There were few enter pints, all hard too find, one was a small hole in a tree, too small for a robot, but not for them, and is very well hidden. The second is just like the first one, only it is a back exit. The last one was in the air. You, ( if you had wings, or could fly), flow to the top make some tight twisters and turns and pray to see the sun. Hey if it was easy anyone or anything would do it.

The moon was high in the sky. He could see a little better. He looked back, at the village. Sure it was small but it was home. This was his 5th year at Knothole, his sister had been here twice as long, since she was better with people than he was. He liked being on lookout, it was the time he had to be alone, too think.

She was laying wide awake on her mat. Nothing had happened for the ten years she had been here. ‘Why am I worried?’ She asked herself. She got up, walked to the nearest lookout teahouse, her lover, Knuckles was half awake, half asleep. He looked at her.

“Go home, Knuxs, get some rest, I’ll take over,” she said.

“Thanks,” he said sleepy, climbing down the ladder, then headed for his hut. She smiled. All was quite, but not right. She could feel a shift, a shift is never good, especially one this big.

 Voices over radio and speakers filled the morning air. It was like Area 51! “Let me get this straight Dr. Mac, this is a… portal or something?” Mr. Rocket, (the president’s adviser), asked.

“Yes, Mr. Rocket. It reminds me of an event that happened 20 years ago… if you know what I mean,” Dr. Mac informed.

“You mean… the… hedgehogs?” He asked with wide eyes. He nodded. “Great! So I’m gonna have to say, ‘Hey ya, Mr. President, the hedgehogs are coming back?!’ I’ll loss my job… not that I liked it much anyway, but still!”

“Ah, but we don’t know for sure yet, don’t get you head in a twist!” Dr. Mac answered.

‘If I could only find Knothole, I could send ’em running!’ He thought to himself. He had been looking for the place, like… forever!

“Me! The mighty Dr. Eggman, am stopped continuously by a group of ragged tagged teen!” He raved, banging his desk.

“Don’t feel badly sir,” Orbot began, “You’ll get them!”

“When?! When will that happen?! I’m a very patient man… but this had been going on for as long as I can remember!” He answered.

“What about your latest and greater idea?” Q-bot asked.

“What about it?”

“Sir?! You’re plans are brilliant! You just need more… um… you must find their weaknesses, using it to nab them,” Orbot said enthusiastically.

“Yes! For one Orbot… you’re right,” he began stroking his mustache, “And I’ve got an idea of what… or would I say who it is! Haha!”

The sun’s light found it was through the thick tree tops to give them light. Everyone was doing something.

“Where are you going?” Winter called, to Tails and Cream the rabbit.

“Um, to the meadow to play,” they answered.

“Ok. Be back in an hour,” she called.

“Ok, Winter, don’t worry!” Tails called back, the disappeared through the hole. She laughed to herself.

“Kinda like us when we were little, a Winter?” A darker blue hedgehog laughed.

“Haha. Only our definition of fun was bother Eggman, and almost dying, Sonic!” She laughed back.

“Guess you’re right, Frosty,” he joked. She gave him a childish look. She pulled on of  his quills, as she walked away.

“Ouch!” He called.

“Big baby!” She laughed. She dashed to the Control building, Rogue was waiting at the front door.

“With all your speed still late!” She tried to sound angry.

“Sorry. Man taking care of your little cuz is harder then it sounds!” Winter complained.

Rogue laughed, “He can’t be that bad,”

“Fine. He isn’t… not that bad. But don’t forget younger number two… my little brother Shadow,” she rolled her eyes. Soon Knuckles and Amy arrived.

“Ready?” Winter asked.

“Yup,” Amy said swinging her huge pick hammer. So they crawled through the hole and headed easy. They were all quite, they were Scouting Team 1. There were two scouting groups, the other, Scouting Team 2, was made of, Sonic, Silver and Rogue.

Their job was to be on the lookout for Swat Bots, Surveillance Bot, and Stealth Bots… and keep them away from Knothole. (Swat Bots are easy to see they’re big, and come in huge groups. Surveillance Bots, are a little harder to spot. They’re round with a camera in the center, used to spy on them, and come alone. Now, lastly but not least at all, Stealth Bots. They’re plane drones used to strike. They shoot at you with their plasma rays, and the two worst things are, as the mane suggests they have a stealth mode turning invisible, and having heat vision.) The something was in the bushes, they all turned, Amy’s hammer ready to swing.

“It’s me, Shadow. Ah. Amy please don’t swing!”

“Oh Shadow! Don’t do that…I would have killed you!” Amy said with a slight laugh.

“Well looks like there are no bots ’round here, let’s head back,” Knuckles said. They ran back to Knothole.

“My Lord, it’s another world!” Dr. Mac exclaimed. “It’s beautiful!”

“Yes, I know Mr. President… yes… no, no… yes, sir. Bye sir,” Mr. Rocket had just finished a call with the president, and now talked to Dr. Mac, “The president is come. He will be here in 45 minutes.”

Computers started beeping like nuts. Scientists running all over the place. “Dr. Mac there appears to be life forms on the there side!” One called. “And the atmosphere is breathable! It’s like… another Earth!” Mr. Rocket and Dr. Mac looked at each other.

“Another Earth? Not in our solar system, right?” Mr. Rocket asked.

“No, probably not even in our galaxy, maybe thousand of light years away,” he answered.

“Vanilla, did Cream come back yet?” Winter asked.

Vanilla laughed and shook her head, “You know children, they lose track of time, when playing. You and Sonic were gone for days!”

“Yeah. But things have changed. It’s more dangerous! Plus Sonic and I… we could defend ourselves, you know they can’t,” she answered.

Vanilla put her paw on her shoulder, “Winter, Tails will be fine, is fine, stop worrying yourself!”

Winter sighed, “Guess you’re right.” She began to sort medical supplies. She hoped Vanilla was right.

“Mr. President have you lost your mind?!” Dr. Mac and Mr. Rocket asked in utter shock.

I’m sorry, sir sending-“

“Mr. Rocket, I don’t want to hear it! General Booth, mission’s a go,” the president ordered.

Mr. Rocket shook his head. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this. He could see the headlines now, ‘Stupidest President Of the Decade.’ Sure, if anyone found out he had thought this, he’d loss his job… not like he liked his job anyway. “I hate my job!” He mumbled to himself. There was a blinding flash of light, and high frequency sounds, then a flash of white.

“We’re ok!” General Booth shouted from the other side of the portal. The room filled with cheers, and sighs of relief. ‘This is far from over,’ Dr. Mac thought to himself.

“Still nothing. Knuckles it’s been all morning!” Winter said.

“Come on, Winter! Sure he ain’t the best, but he can defend himself,” he answered punching a sand bag.

“Yeah, but…” she punched the bag so hard icicles formed on it. She blew some loss, white and light blue fur out of her face.

“W-Winter…what was that?” He asked with a scared tone. She shrugged. Then began to laugh at the expression on his face. The sound of calling filled the air.

“Mom!” It was Cream.

“Cream, what’s the matter honey?” Vanilla asked. “Where’s Tails?”

“Back… at the meadow,” she turned to Winter, “The things you told us about, they’re here!”

“Humans?!” Sonic asked.

She nodded, “Tails distracted them so I could get away.”

“How… how did they get here?” Silver asked.

“They are dangerous!” Sonic said.

“Just when I was starting to forget ’bout ’em!” Shadow complained. Starting to have memories of the time back on Earth, a shiver went down his spines.

“Doctor! I’m picking up a large shift in time and space…HUGE!” Orbot exclaimed.

“Hm. Appears to be a warp-zone, a very rare thing indeed… last time this happened was 20 years ago… when we got zapped too… Earth,” Eggman recalled.

Winter was dashing at turbo speed, so she reached the meadow in one minute. Or what was left of it, most of the ground was covered with ash, she had to get on the ground to avoid the smoke. Her mind was racing. She could hear ash crunching under someone’s foot steps.

“Help,” a voice whispered.

“Hey! Zip it!” Another voice ordered. She couldn’t see through the smoke, but she recognized Tails’ voice. ‘What’s happening?’ She wished she could call to him and tell him not to worry, but even she was worried. She started saying the triangle area formula, Area equals one half times base times height over and over.

“Hey Booth, do you really think someone is gonna come for him?” Liz asked.

“Yeah! Don’t you remember they are there for each other,” he answered. The smoke began to clear some, and she could see better. ‘Oh my goodness!’ She thought. ‘How the hell am I gonna get to him?!’ She started saying it faster and faster. Then without even thinking she stepped out from behind the trees.

“Wow, you remembered!” She managed.

“H-hey stay back or I’ll shoot! I swore I will!” Booth threatened.

“I’m scared!” He mouthed.

“Let the little guy go!” She said.

Booth stepped back dragging Tails with him, the others raised their guns. Winter took a step back. “I promise, I’ll shoot him!” He called back, again. Her heart was racing.

 “She’s been gone to long!” Shadow said.

“Hey, calm down. Give her more time!” Knuckles replied.

“Winter, I wanna go home,” Tails whimpered from her back.

“Well… nice seeing you again but…I’ve gotta get going,” she said. The men raised their guns as in saying, ‘ I don’t think so.’

“Don’t the new people get a tour?” the president asked.

“Not jerks like you!” She answered. One man made a move for Tails. She turned. “Stay away from him!” She yelled.

“What the hell is he doing?! Mr. Rocket asked, already know the answer. “he’s supposta make peace, not threaten them! Oh, crap…that’s…Winter! Idiot! He’s gonna get themselves killed!” He had just realized he had said this out loud. “Crap! Please don’t tell him I said that,” he said.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Rocket our lips are zipped.” They all said.

Tails was holding her supper tight, and had his eyes shut. ‘I want to go home! Please let this be a dream!’ He thought. He was waiting for a human hand to pull him away from her. His twin tails were screaming fly! But he knew he couldn’t. He squeezed Winter tighter. Her quills were down, so they weren’t hurting him. He had no idea what was going on. He gathered the courage to open his eyes, the humans hand their guns pointed at them. Air rushed past his side as Winter turned, again. He closed his eyes, again. ‘Please, please, please let this be a dream!’


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