Public Schools, the infulance it can have on us, kids.

What she’s homeschooled, how would she know?!

Well, this is only my second year being homeschooled, so yeah, I think I would know! I was bullied, ug, it was horrible! I didn’t want to go! All I saw was a place that I didn’t belong, a place that wasn’t for me, a place…a place that kids go to make fun of the misfits, the smart kids.

And to make matters even worse, my teachers praised me! They always say ‘how good I did’ or ‘too follow her lead.’


They make me so angry I could;

And lastly…YOU WOULDN”T BELIEVE WHAT THEY TALK ABOUT AT LUNCH!! ‘Oh, that boy is sexy,’ or, ‘Oh, that girl is a lesbian!’ I never even heard of a lesbian before in my whole life, and I could have lived without it!! You wouldn’t believe what a girl could learn be listening to the kids at lunch!

School is horrible…public schools! You can learn all the crap that’s out they in 30 minuets! (Oh, and one thing…I LEARNED THE WORD CRAP…WHAT FOR IT…WHAT FOR IT…AT…A…PUBLIC…SCHOOL


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