A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 10.

She was looking around, leaves have turned and were falling of the trees, the air smelled fresh… she took a deep breath, she smiled. It was like nothing she had ever experienced in her whole life, she felt like she belonged, a feeling she had never felt in her life.

Tails liked to look at the island, he wondered if they get lonely, and how they could get alone if they were so different?

“Tails they’re most likely fine!” Sonic said.

“I know,” he answered. “Don’t you wonder, I mean a human and a hedgehog getting alone?” Sonic nodded. It was interesting.

Eggman was so mad he couldn’t thing straight.

“That human, where did she come from? She is… remarkable…extraordinary… ‘an ultimate life form…’ no… she… he… they… they can’t be!” He started flipping through a book, “Yes, yes… oh, this is my lucky day, thank you grandfather! I own them both!” He laughed.

Shadow felt a feeling he couldn’t find the words for. His head began to ache, he vision blurred, he felt a sharp pain rushing through him, suddenly he started having memories of his last few minutes on the Ark. He groaned. He felt a hand touch him, at that very moment he vision cleared, the feeling disappeared, as did the pain. He saw Mirlinda’s face.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“…I…I…think…yes,” he stammered. Seeing his friend’s worry, “Mirlinda, I’m… I’m fine, really I am!”

Eggman was preparing to capture the two, he brought Metal Sonic along… just in case. “I’ll get them this time!” He laughed.


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  1. Ok…ok, she is an ultimate life form, like Shadow… was she created or… something? What is Metal Sonic gonna do?! He can’t defeat Sonic much less two ULTIMATE life forms, key word ULTIMATE! Eggman can be so stupid sometimes!

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