Frozen. [100/150].

It’s everywhere! It is a Frozen infestation! Elsa and Anna are even… just in time for Easter on the eggs! So what made this movie to catch on so quickly?!

Well first of all, Elsa, the man character if you ask me, first she is ‘enslaved,’ because of her powers, then she is set free. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To be free.

Secondly, this movie was funny! Disney really put their time into the comedy, it wasn’t the best, but it was pretty good.

Thirdly, the songs and music! That was the best part of the whole movie! I’m not kidding! The songs are so catchy and funny! If you noted in Anna hit herself in the eye when she was spinning the curtain rope.

So why did you only give this movie 100? Because, the massages from the movie, and the song ‘let it go,’ don’t have a good massage. You can read about that on my other post about that very song.

I so loved the movie but that doesn’t change the fact that the massage wasn’t very nice… one of them, anyway, I found to massages, the power of love, and the massage in let it go. Still you should so watch it! 🙂



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