A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 9.

“Seriously… where are they?” Sonic asked again. They shrugged.

“You should be heading back. Your friends are looking for you,” Mirlinda suggested. Tails nodded. They walked to the shore, then Mirlinda stepped on the water and it rose up. Tails hesitated at first but then he followed. He couldn’t believe it, she did walk on the water, she froze it on the top of it and walked on that! He looked down, the ocean looked normal, he could see the tops of the trees that made the woods around their hideout. Tails lead Mirlinda through the woods, soon a clearing came into view, Mirlinda stopped.

“Go on, I wait until your friends might you,” she said. He looked at her, then walked toward the clearing.

“Hey, guys!” He called.

“Tails!” They said with glee, running over. Tails looked back. Mirlinda smiled, and waved, then dashed off.

“Who was that?” Knuckles asked.

“Mirlinda,” Tails answered. His friends gave him blank faces. “The human,” he finished.

“So… what are they like?” Sonic asked.

“Kinda like us. Best friends,” he informed. “Oh and the hedgehog… Shadow… has a Chaos Emerald!”

“What?!” The others asked in utter shock.

“I know! I think he used it to blow Eggman’s base!” He continued.

“We did the right thing, Shadow,” Mirlinda said. Shadow nodded. He felt a odd feeling… happy. He couldn’t understand why, all he did was rescue a kid and make sure he got back to his friends, what was the big deal?


How To Train Your Dragon 2. [148/150]

Well DreamWorks sure took their time about it! I was waiting forever! The movie was great!!!!

The characters looked so good!! The dragons as well, Drago was the ultimate villain! Hiccup finds his mom, a family reunited! The movie was going great then…BOOM…Stoick dies! NOOOO! The family was suppose to be together! It took 20 years for them to find each other, and about 5 minutes to be separated…permanently!! GRRR! 

Still the movie was great! Now with Hiccup as chief season 3 is going to be interesting. I took away two points for killing Stoick, though. 😦  

Frozen. [100/150].

It’s everywhere! It is a Frozen infestation! Elsa and Anna are even… just in time for Easter on the eggs! So what made this movie to catch on so quickly?!

Well first of all, Elsa, the man character if you ask me, first she is ‘enslaved,’ because of her powers, then she is set free. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To be free.

Secondly, this movie was funny! Disney really put their time into the comedy, it wasn’t the best, but it was pretty good.

Thirdly, the songs and music! That was the best part of the whole movie! I’m not kidding! The songs are so catchy and funny! If you noted in Anna hit herself in the eye when she was spinning the curtain rope.

So why did you only give this movie 100? Because, the massages from the movie, and the song ‘let it go,’ don’t have a good massage. You can read about that on my other post about that very song.

I so loved the movie but that doesn’t change the fact that the massage wasn’t very nice… one of them, anyway, I found to massages, the power of love, and the massage in let it go. Still you should so watch it! 🙂