A Long Way from Safe. Part 6.

They all looked at her, she hated when people stared at her, it made her feel uncomfortable.

“But… you haven’t used your powers in three years! And they were pretty weak,” Sal reminded.

“Well, pray they’ve grown,” she said. She made eye contact with none.

“Natasha, this is suicide!” Jackson spoke up.

“It is what it is… look this is something I have to do, mom would do it!” She said, headed toward the NCIS building. She looked back at them, “I have to o this guys, alone.”

Now on every electronic device this massage had been playing for the past hour: “If the last remanding ice maiden doesn’t so herself in front of the NCIS building, you are doomed!” Over and over. So the building had been evacuated, and the whole street as well, so you could image the peoples faces when a 16 year old girl stepping over the yellow tape, and standing there.

“Hey?! What the hell do you thing you are doing?!” A cop asked.

“Saving you,” she replied.

“Your the ice maiden?!” He asked astounded. She nodded. Then a man dressed in black also stepped over the tape.

“Hello, ice maiden,” he whispered.

“Hello… father,” she replied. The man flinched, then slowly lowered him hood.

“How did you guess?” He asked with an evil smile on his face.

“Oh. Next time you try to make me an anonymous call, don’t do it yourself…I recognized you voice stupid! Now what I don’t understand is why you would kill you own wife!” Natasha began.

All the bystanders and people watching at home stood in aw.

“Glaciers was a good women, but there was on thing one thing that was bad about her… you!” He answered.

“ME?! You… …why didn’t you just kill me?!”

“Because…I couldn’t I wasn’t strong enough… but now I am, and now I will!” He laughed.

“Then what do you want, what did mom and I have in common…”

“Your necklace! It holds great powers,” her father answered. “Your mother wouldn’t give it to me, so I killed her to then steal it, but she was one step ahead of me, always was, she gave it to you before she died, now after I kill you I will finally have it, finally!”

His body was now on fire, and from his hand fire burst for, Natasha ducked. She looked at her necklace. “Sorry mom,” she mumbled. She ripped it off her neck and placed it on the ground.

“What is she doing?” Jessica asked.

“She’s finishing it!” Zack answered.

Then she lowered her foot and smashed it, saying to her father, “You can’t have it, and I can’t have it!”

“NOOOOOO! You’ll pay,” he yelled in rage.

He fired a huge ball of fire at her, a light flashed and the maiden king appeared before her, she bowed.

“Arise,” he said. “Natasha you have given up something of great value to protect a race we never would do the same for you, you are the last multi maiden alive…I believe it is time you learn you true name, ‘Tundra,’ and I grant you the full force of your powers, run my daughter run!” He finished then disappeared again.

She was now surrounded by fire, electricity, nature, and speed maidens, trusting the King’s words she began to run, she couldn’t believe it everything around her was a blur, she looked back to see the shocked face of ever soul there.

“Well don’t just stand there you idiots, after her!” He ordered the group of speed maidens. There we catching up, and fast.

“Oh. This’ll be fun!” She said to herself.