A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 8.

“Were am I?” Tails asked.

“On an island,” the male voice replied. He had and vision began to clear, and he could see, the hedgehog and human from the day before!

Like she could read his thoughts, (which she could,) said, “We aren’t bad… we got you out of that jar, back there.”

“And also blew the base sky high!” The hedgehog added. In his hand was a Chaos Emerald, Tails couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Is that a Chaos Emerald?” He asked. Shadow looked at him then the emerald.

“…Yes. But how did you know?” He answered surprised.

“From a book I read, but they’re suppose to be gone, along with the people who could control them,” he answered.

“Guy! Looks like Eggman’s got a fire!” Amy called.

They all had the same thought at the same time, “Tails!” They all said.

“Arg! Those to will pay!” Eggman talked to himself. “First she is to smart for my lies, know they rescue Tails, and blow my base sky high! GRR! That human girl and her hedgehog friend! Oh, they could just be worse than Sonic and his friends, they can’t come in my fort like spirits, not being detected and blow my bases in two minuets!” He flow off.

“Wait. The water walkers have Tails?” Knuckles asked.

“Well, they more like saved him,” Amy answered.

“Yay. But were are they now?” Sonic asked.

“You’re smart!” She commented.

“Thanks. So what are your names?” Tails asked.

“I’m Mirlinda, and this is Shadow, yours?” She introduced.

“Tails,” he answered somewhat shyly.

“Fitting,” Shadow whispered.


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