A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 7.

He was sitting in the center of a round, electrified on the outside, larger than life glass jar.

“Hope you like your room, Tails. Sorry I couldn’t get you something bigger,” Eggman said, mockingly. Tails moved back until he couldn’t go back any farther. Eggman laughed.

“We have to leave him alone, or Tails is doomed!” Sonic said. Knuckles looked at him, Sonic looked away.

“I’m the fastest thing, and I wasn’t fast enough him,” he whispered.

“So what’s the plan?” Mirlinda asked.

“Don’t get caught, don’t get seen, and most importantly don’t die!” He answered.

“That all?” She asked with a bored tone.

She froze the cameras, and they ran down the hall.

The last thing Tails remembered was the smell of gas, before blacking out. He began to here voices, voices he didn’t know, he vision was blurred, he head was spinning.

“Is he dead?” A male voice asked.

“No. Just blacked out, that guy must have gassed him,” another female voice answered. They looked at him, “He’s waking!” She said walking over to him. Tails looked at her, she looked like a black tree moving, he didn’t know what to think, do, or say.


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