A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 6.

He had fallen asleep, and when he woke up, Mirlinda was gone. He looked around frantically, there she was sitting in a clearing the wind blowing her long, brown curled hair in her face, looking over the sea. Shadow sighed a sigh of relief, he ankle was feeling much better, so slowly he tried to stand he wobbled a little but regained his balance, he slowly, and limply walked over, and sat beside her.

“See your ankle is all better,” she said.

“Yup. Guess so,” he answered.

Sonic and Tails were playing around, like friends do. But their fun was ended, by Eggman.


Sonic looked around and saw Tails being chased by Eggman’s mechanical arm, it was gaining on him. He started dashing toward him, but was to… late.

“Not another step, Sonic!” Eggman threatened. Sonic stopped.

“Leave Tails alone, Eggman!” Sonic said. Eggman laughed, Tails struggled, to no avail.

“Now, why would I do that? Cause if you so much as take another step Tails is history!” Eggman laughed. Sonic looked at Tails, then at Eggman.

“Ok, Eggman. What do want?” Sonic asked.

“I want you to stop bothering me!” He answered. Oh, that hurts. But if he didn’t Tails was doomed.

“Fine. Now let Tails go!” Sonic replied.

“Oh, did I say I would do that? I gonna take him with me, just in case! Hahaha!” He called as he flew off.

“Sonic!” Tails called.

“Tails!” Sonic whispered

“Looks like he caught someone,” Mirlinda pointed out.

Shadow looked. He did catch someone… the two tailed fox from earlier. He was struggling, which was a complete waste of energy, if you asked him.

“Haha! Sonic feel for it, he really thought I’d let you go! Ha!” Eggman laughed.

“You won’t be laughing for long, Eggman!” Tails answered. “Sonic’s gonna come and kick your butt!”

“If he does, I’ll stop him be treating your safety!” Eggman answered, meanly.

Tails knew his plan would work, Sonic wouldn’t do anything that threatened him, nothing.

The two looked at each other.

“Up for a little fun?” Mirlinda asked.

“Always,” Shadow replied


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