A Long Way from Safe. Part 5.

“You what?!”

“Sorry, sir… we’ll get her,” his men replied.

“I don’t know why I haven’t burned you to death yet!” He raged.

“Cause you’re a nice, guy,” one suggested.

“Hm. Yes, that must be it, except I killed a 16 year old girls mother without a second thought! Do nice guys do that?!” He continued. No answer. “I thought so. Now, GET HER!!” He roared.

The men hurried off.

“Got another one!” Natasha ran over, and began to read the new message, then stopped. “What?!” Zack asked.

“It’s… addressed to… me,” she informed. The other stared, wide eyed.

“So, what does it say?!” Jessica persisted. She read it then looked at them,

“Short response. If I don’t show up in front of the NCIS building they’re going to destroy the whole city,” she summarized. She walked to her desk and started ripping paper into long strips. Walt came over, and put his hand on her shoulder, she began to cry softly. “I…I-I don’t know what to do…I… …why did I have to be a maiden? Why did she have to die! Why couldn’t they leave us alone? Why me Walt… why… why me?” She sobbed.

He hesitated. “I-I don’t know, Natasha… but I know you should, follow your heart.” He sounded like her mother, which made her feel better.

“What if I make the wrong choice?”

“Then you work you way back to the right place,” he answered.

“Natasha! Its for you!” Jackson said handing her the phone.

“Hello, Natasha. I hope to finally see you, even though it will be the last thing you do, you have until tomorrow, hope you’re ready, or the people will pay!” The line went dead. She had recognized the voice but from were, when, why?

“Who was it?” They all asked.

“Him. The maiden sending the massages, I have until tomorrow.” She answered.

This was something she had to do, this could end it, end it all, her life, or the chase… but there was something about that voice that sounded so… no! It couldn’t be he isn’t a maiden! But it sure sounded like him… ‘You will have to face a person you know, my daughter, it will be the biggest test you will ever have, you must pass it you must, or the humans are doomed, you most…’ her mothers words rushed through her head, what if it is him? Her head was clouded, she could understand anything, her past seemed to take a new, confusing meaning, everything that looked like chance and bad luck was…destiny, and seemed to all have a purpose all but her mother’s death, why did it happen, was it really just bad luck, or was it suppose to happen, why? She was so confused it hurt.

“So, what are you gonna do?” Jackson asked.

“I’m gonna face him!” She announced.