A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 3.

He didn’t know how long he had sleep, but he had needed it. He felt much better, his head had finally cleared, the only pain was from his broken ankle. Mirlinda was playing with her powers, throwing some snow it to the air then vaporizing it, over and over.

“Looks like they went in there,” Tails pointed. They could here whispering from inside the cave.

“Looks like they’re still there!” Knuckles concluded. Then in a flash they busted out of the cave, running fast… Sonic fast. Sonic started after them. They reached the speed of sound and came the sonic boom, soon followed by another sonic boom.

“He’s catching up!” Shadow called.

“Hm. Faster than I thought, but can he walk on water?” She planned. She speed up, so did Sonic.

“Sonic! Look out!!” Amy yelled. The 20 foot Clift came closer and closer, below the ocean.

“AHHHHHH!” Sonic yelled trying to stop. The other just kept going, faster and faster, upon reaching the cliff, jumped. Two seconds later can rising on a spout of water. Sonic fell over the edge just grabbing it before plummeting to sure death, he was hanging on for dear life. “Help!” He called. The two were gone. He was losing his grip, “Help!” He yelled desperately. He was know hanging by one hand, he could see the raging waters below, he began to slip. Suddenly, a hand grabbed his. He sighed at sigh of relief as Knuckles pulled him up. “Thanks, Knuckles. I thought I was done for!” Sonic thanked.

“No problem. Know, did you see that? They were walking on water! And I think one is a… human!” He replied. Sonic’s eyes must have grown twice as much, because he was so surprised he almost feel down the cliff.

“Human? A human’s never been here, ever… besides Eggman!” Sonic reminded.

“Well, now we’ve got to human,” Amy answered.

“That was way to close,” Mirlinda said, catching her breath. Shadow was sitting on a rock.

“Now they know we’re here, we’re gonna need to be careful,” he replied. More importantly they saw, her, they know she is here! I can’t lose her! I just can’t. He thought. He looked at her and tried to smile, she smiled back and walked over.

“They aren’t gonna get me, Shadow,” she whispered.

“Hope you’re right,” he replied.

Me too. She thought.


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