A Story I’ve been Working On. Part 2.

“You’ve been here all day!” He complained to his two tailed friend. Tails rolled his eyes, and laughed.

“I told you, you could leave!” He replied. As they continued walking smoke began to rise from somewhere deeper into the woods. The two looked at each other, Sonic grabbed Tails and dashed toward the pillar of smoke.

“Shadow? Shadow?! Wake up! Somebody’s coming, get up, please!” Mirlinda begged. His eyes flickered open, and he held his head as he slowly got up, and wobbled before collapsing into Mirlinda’s arms.

“Oh my head, ouch. Where are we? Are you ok?” He managed. She nodded, looking around, the figure was racing closer and closer.

“Can you run?” She asked. Shadow tried to stand on his own, and yelled in pain before falling to the grassy floor. She had a face of worry, she looked at Shadow, then at the racing figure. She grabbed Shadow’s had and began to run, running away from the figure. Shadow looked back, they had left just in time, the figure came to a halt.

“Whoa, what is that, Tails?” Sonic asked.

“Looks like a crashed pod, look!”

They looked down and saw foot prints. Soon Amy and Knuckles arrived.

“Wow, what is that?” They both asked.

“A crashed space pod,” Tails informed, holding a piece of metal with the NASA symbol on it.

“Looks like they went this way!” Knuckles called. They began to follow the trial of prints.

Shadow couldn’t even sit straight up, pain was rushing through his whole body, he was laying on the floor of a cave they had found. Mirlinda had gone out to find some vines and sticks to make him a splint for his broken right ankle, he could badly think with all the pain. The only light in the cave was from his one Chaos Emerald. Mirlinda came back. Shadow watched as she tied the stick to him ankle with the vine she had collected, he tried to smile, she smiled back.

“Are you ok?” He whispered.

“I’m fine, just a few cuts and scrapes. Worry about you, you have a broken bone, and a huge head ache!” She scolded, in a friendly tone.

He knew she was right, but also wrong. She didn’t get a look at the racing figure, he was a hedgehog and a two tailed fox, I’d fits in, she wouldn’t, I’d was safe, Mirlinda could be could be not, and I wouldn’t take any chances, I’ve lost Maria, I’m not gonna lose her, I just… can’t. He thought to himself.


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