A Story I’ve been Working on. Part 1.

I’ve been thinking about this story for 3 to 4 months, and finally started writing it. Here it is, hope you like it:

She was awake with a jerk. She look around, she reach for the light on her night table, her friend was awake as well.

“What was that?” He asked, annoyed.

“I don’t know but it can’t be good,” she replied rubbing her eyes.

They looked at each other. They were an odd pair, but they didn’t care, they had many things in common. They opened the doors an looked down the long, dark hallway. Something was wrong, what woke them? They looked at each other with eyes of wonder. At the end hall was a huge glass window, and down below was Earth, a planet the two had heard so much about, but never stepped foot on. They watched as, magically, lights of many colors began to appeared above the planet.

“Wow!” They whispered in aw. Slowly, they took their palms off the glass and started back to their beds. They slowly went back to sleep.

The sunlight blasted through the glass window. They put their pillows over their heads, but soon were awaken by a younger girl. “Wake up, sleepy heads! She called softly, shaking them. They looked at her, then closed their eyes again. “I’m not gonna stop until you two wake up!” She insisted. They were fighting a losing battle.

“Ug, fine, we’re up!” They whispered, getting up. She giggled. “Well, what, what’s so funny?”

“Nothing. Oh, grandpa told me, to tell you that the general is coming to see you to…he didn’t say why, so don’t ask,” she informed. The two looked at each other wondering, why would a general want to see us, we haven’t even been on Earth once?!

“Well come on! You two need to get ready!” She said.

“Ready? Shadow’s as ready as ever!” The other girl laughed.

“Benefit of being a hedgehog, Mirlinda,” he replied.

The three laughed. Then each did what was needed to prepare for the general’s arrival. The rest happened in a flash, the general arrived, he and his men…running to the escape pod, and…”Maria! No!” The two yelled. A shot was fired, then the pod detached from the Ark and was going down, down, down…with only two passengers. The pod was quiet only their breathing could be heard. Maria was gone, gone forever.

They had to try harder to keep their emotions at bay, or else their powers would become uncontrollable, and they would kill each other. They looked up at their only home as it got farther and farther away. Shadow looked at Mirlinda, and she looked at him, they looked down together, at the planet getting closer and closer. “So, that home?” She managed through tears. He just nodded, yup, guess it is. He thought to himself.


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