A Long way From Safe. Part 3.

She took another step back. “Natasha… just listen to me, I know its only been two weeks since your mother, died, but this is important,” Walt answered.

“Really, he was there, Walt! He stopped the search for the killer! What is so important that he cares for a maiden, now?” She raved. Sal gave Jackson a twenty dollar bill, with an annoyed expression. The man hadn’t said a word, only gave Walt a face.

“Natasha…” he didn’t know what to say. She looked at him, and remembered what her mom had told her concerning him, you trust who he trusts, you listen to him like you listened to me, please promise me, please. She snapped out of it.

“What do you want?” She asked the man.

“I’m agent Zack Marks, of Homeland Security. We got a massage from the group of terrorists, but it is in the maiden language, so we want you to translate for us, can you?” He answered. She nodded. He showed her the computer with the massage on it, she stared at it having more memories, but snapped out of it quickly, she began to read, then stopped at a word, then keep reading. She looked at the others.

“Its not a ‘I want to be your friend,’ letter,” the others just stared waiting for the rest. She hesitated, searching for the right word, words are everything, what to say? She thought.


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