A Long Way from Safe.

“Get her!” A male voice ordered him men. She was running up those stairs so fast, she could have broken the record. Her mind was whirling, she couldn’t understand why, she had be through this for five months, maybe it was because it was week two she’s been doing it without her mother.

She was, at some time injected with a deathly infection called ‘fire,’ yup, ‘fire.’ She was an ice maiden, so fire is a deathly infection to her, and on Wednesday, March 31, 2029, Flora Jackson’s her  human name, Glaciers her real, maiden name, died.

But what about her father, you may ask… well, he left her, her father is human, she counts him lucky, so he went to marry a human family leaving her to die, but of course she didn’t or else we wouldn’t be here, it had been two weeks, two of the longest weeks of her whole 16 years alive, the only person she ever really loved, and the only person who ever loved her, except for her friends… right, they were killed 50 years ago. I know it makes no sense, she doesn’t understand it either, she was born on a space station 50 years ago, and is only 16, well she’s a maiden human logic can’t understand maiden lives.

So there she was ‘cornered,’ again for the thousandth time in her life… that she was old enough to remember anyway, they now had her at gun point. “Ok, Natasha give it up, we have you cornered.” One called.

She just stared, thinking what would mom say? “No, I have you cornered,” she remembered. They looked at each other, just as she wanted them to, she moved toward the nearest window, and slowly pulled up the glass, hoping it wouldn’t make any noise, but of course with her luck, it did. She lifted it quickly and jumped, three shots were fired, one of them hit her on her lower right leg, she yelled in pain, this canceled out her usually landing on twos landing so it was time to improvise, she landed on her good leg and left hand. She looked up and stuck out her tongue, and limped away, hoping they wouldn’t follow, but just to be safe she turned herself invisible.

Yup. Its official I’m far from safe. She thought to herself.