A Summer with Spring #2. Part 9. (Final Part).

But its to dangerous, your not good at it… you could kill yourself… and everyone around ya… come on Sonic can’t… well, it must be done. Spring thought to herself.

Spring: (Taking deep breath, mumbling) Ok, looks like you’ve found a use for you hyper speed, instead of winning races. (To Death) Bet ya can’t catch me!

Death had a face of wonder. Spring gave him a grin before dashing off.

Death: Gr! You can’t get away that easily.

He started after her, not catching up of course. She came to quick stop and the edge of Deep Drop Clift, over the Angry Sea.

Spring: (Mocking Death) I’m waiting! (To herself) Ok you can do this! Concentrate… come on… concentrate… you can do it… concentrate… believe… looking behind her…YES! You can do it.

Sonic: What… what’s she doing?

Shadow: Is she nuts? She could kill us all!

G.U.N agents: I think I’m never gonna step foot next to the water again!

Agent three: Good idea Jack…I mean sir.

G.U.N president: Right now were all children scared out of our socks, forget the sir stuff!

Eggman: Umm. I think I hear my mom’s calling… bye.

The water looked unstable, it rose then fell, then rose again.

Death: What are you gonna do? You can’t, your not strong enough.

Spring: (Moving gloved hand forward controlling water) Don’t pass the barrier I set for you.

Then the water began to fall like a huge-

Knuckles: Title wave!

Sonic closed his eyes and waited to fell the brush of water that would sweep him away… but nothing happened. He opened his eyes.

Shadow: She did it.

They all stared at the water build up like there was an invisible wall protecting them from the water.

Tails: ‘Don’t pass the barrier I have set,’ she’s doing this… cool!

Spring: (To the disappearing Death) Hope you can swim.

Death: I’ll get you for this, I will never rest until you get what you deserve.

Spring: Can’t do that in your at the bottom of the sea.

She lifted her hands and the water began returning to the sea. Swiping Death with it.

The agents just started, and couldn’t fire no matter how clear the shot was.

Agent three: Did you see that…I think its time to update my work files… maybe be a teacher, or doctor.


Sonic: Are you nuts? You could have drowned me!

Spring: But I didn’t, and I wouldn’t.

Sonic sighed and cracked a smile.

Sonic: Speedy move!

Spring: Thanks. Learned it from somebody. (Laughing)

Shadow grind, as he walked away.

Shadow: (To Spring) Catch you later.

Spring nodded, he dashed off.

Sonic: He’s always alone… why?

Spring: Just the way he is.

Knuckles: Ya, but its not good to be lonely.

Amy: Telling him that!

Tails: I’m not doing it.

They all laughed. Spring smiled. Finally, maybe I’ve found a home. She though. Her smile grew at that thought.


G.U.N president: She is more dangerous then we thought… but she’s not taking that path… so let’s leave her alone… just watch her, Death’s who we should worry about. Take Spring off the death roll.

Agents: Whoo!

The president smiled.


Eggman: She is very strong.

Death: We’re gonna need something to deal with that.

Eggman: Oh, a-


So how’d you like it? Sorry it took long for me to post this final part. :).  Tell me if ya want to read book three. 🙂 🙂