Why I No Longer Want a Cell.

Yes, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on ya, I, a twelve year old girl doesn’t, I repeat, DOESN’T want a cell!

This is the story of how I no longer want a cell;

So my dad lost his phone, yay… he was so mad at himself, I was almost mad at him! So he called the T-Mobile people, and they said to come to the store and you can pick a new phone… easy in and out, right? WRONG, oh so very wrong! 😠

We had to wait for hours! I couldn’t believe how many people were at the store! So while we waited my dad and I looked at the phones there… …finally I said to him, “Daddy, this is sad, the only ‘good’ phone here is the S5, and that ain’t that good of a phone any way…I don’t want a phone anymore, all the phones are crap!”

Ha! You should have seen his face! I had been asking for a cell for a long time, and two hours at the T-Mobile story was all it took for me NOT to want one. Then, finally it was dad’s turn! (Thank God! I thought I was gonna die of boredom, and of the songs playing, I hate the song out there today, also I had to sit on the stone cold floor!

After about another TWO hours, he had his new crappy S5…sad, we waited about 4 hours just to find out the only ‘good’ phone dad could get was a crappy S5…also I missed my DBA with my teacher!! GRR.

Well, that’s the story… the short version anyway. 🙂