A Summer with Spring #2. Part 8.

Eggman could now see all black plants, he smiled, but then his grin faded as he saw G.U.N agents already at the location.

Eggman: How dare they? Well, I’ll show ’em! (Pushing a big red button) Let’s get this party started!!

About 25 ledges of robots came swarming toward Deep Drop Clift, shooting rays of deathly hot plasma.

G.U.N agent: We’ve got company!

G.U.N president: Fire at will!!

Shadow: Are they nuts they don’t stand a chance!

Spring saw as well and shot a thick vine between the agents and the robots, and like a fly swatter swatted the robots. Then the vine began to turn black, and died.

Agent one: There are to many!

Agent two: I’m to young to die… um…I mean I’m running out of ammunition!

G.U.N president: FALL BACK!!

Agent three: (Mumbling to herself) Thank God!


Death: You won’t last.

Spring: What was that about me being ‘lucky’ you want me alive?

Death: Yes, you still are, but you’re getting on my nerves.

Spring: Good, cause I don’t want to be taken alive.

Shadow: (Calling to Spring) Eggman’s here! So are the agents!

Death hit her again.

Spring: Ok, you’ve asked for it!

Plants began to grow rapidly, faster then Death could kill them, they wrapped around Death himself.

Death: So, you are strong… stronger then I thought.

Spring: Everyone says that.

Death: But you are a lonely, angry person, Spring.

Spring: (Whispering to him, for fear of Shadow hearing) Think you’ve got me and Shadow mixed up, genus.

Death: No, you too are full of angry, you just control it better than him…(Looking at him) much better.

Then all at once the vines died, and Death was freed.

The G.U.N president had a clear shot at Spring. This could end it all, SHOT! He thought to himself. But she just saved me, and all the agents… …but she is dangerous, you saw what she did to that Death character, SHOT!! He put his finger on the trigger, but instead of shooting at Spring he shot at Death.

It hit him on his right shoulder. He started at the agent’s direction.

Death: How dare you, you inferior HUMAN!

With that he fired a black ball at the agents, the all closed their eyes and braced themselves for the impact… two seconds… five seconds.

One of them opened their eyes, to see more tree limbs turning black and falling to the ground.

Agents: (Together) We’re alive!!

G.U.N president: (To himself) She… she… saved…US…the ones who’ve been trying to kill her for TWO years… why…I wouldn’t do that…I would have let ’em die, then I wouldn’t have to worry ’bout ’em anymore… but she saved us…

Death: (Evilly) Why would you save the ones we persecute you?

Spring: Because.

Death: Why? You’ve messed with death, now death will mess with you.

She plugged her ears.

Death: (Loudly so she could hear him) You’ll be flushed away, never to be heard of again!

Flushed? …That’s it! A risky idea entered Spring’s head… very risky.


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