A Summer with Spring #2. Part 7.

Sonic: Ok.

Death: Don’t worry, I can’t kill you.

Spring: Then way should we fear you?

Death: Oh, you don’t fear me directly I just bring up your deepest darkest fears, and torment you with ’em…its quit enjoyable.

Spring: What if we have no fear?

Death: All have fear, all.


G.U.N agent: I can’t believe this! Shadow is already here, and is standing merely two feet from Spring and hasn’t reported… and Rogue?!

Agent two: Is that… Sonic, and his friends?!

Agent three: What are they doing with HER, though they were the good guys.

G.U.N agent: They  don’t know about her being a wanted criminal.

Agent one: Of course they do we sent the massage to Rogue!

G.U.N president: Well, then either they are no longer good, or they see something in her that isn’t there!

G.U.N agent: Sir what are you doing here?

G.U.N president: I want to see that Spring gets captured this time.

Shadow turned around, he started at the  agents, then whispered something to Spring who tuned and looked. Then the black hedgehog fired something at her, it was a direct hit.

G.U.N president: Let’s get there, NOW! I want her alive!!


Spring: Ouch! That hurted, ya know!

Death: That was only a small taste, you’re lucky I want you alive, Spring.

She graded her side as she got up. Her fur had blood on it.

Spring: Luck, hu.

Death: (Eyes glowing, fur getting darker, and feet no longer touching the ground, evil tone) Yes… very… lucky… very… luck indeed.

This time she was ready for it. But see wasn’t firing back… this was a losing battle.