A Summer with Spring #2. Part 6.

G.U.N president: I thought you said 10 minutes not ten ages!

Maria: Its been 8 minutes, sir, you should start heading down there.

G.U.N president: (Heading to the lunching area) Good.


?: Ah, but that wasn’t by someone who didn’t understand, but I, oh I understand, I can help you.

Spring: Ha! No one can understand me!

?: What if I told you I too am ‘cursed,’ as you call it.

Spring: I could still care less.

He was silent for a long time.

Sonic: (Whispering to Rogue) Liked to know what’s happening here.

Rogue: (Whispering back) Me too.

G.U.N agent: Ug, how much longer?

Agent one: Two minutes.

G.U.N agents: Ug, that’s it, turn to super speed!



Eggman: I can’t just sit here!

He got into his hover craft and headed for Deep Drop Clift.


Amy and Knuckles were now uneasy about this character. So was Shadow.

Shadow: Are we done here, agents are only 30 seconds away!

?: I could care less! Tell me, Shadow… who messes with death? Because I’m death!


7 thoughts on “A Summer with Spring #2. Part 6.

    • Yes, he kills anything around him, before some reason he can’t kill breathing, moving… complex life forms. P.S he can’t control his ability… its not like he wants to kill the plants around him, he just hasn’t mastered it yet.

      Like Spring, the reason she avoids controlling the water is because she hasn’t mastered that part, yet.

      Ops. I’m not tell you anymore.


  1. Sad. Great story! Don’t tell me his name is his power… like Spring…I just noted she controls water and plants… the two things people think of when they hear Spring!

    Ten stars.


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