A Summer with Spring #2. Part 6.

G.U.N president: I thought you said 10 minutes not ten ages!

Maria: Its been 8 minutes, sir, you should start heading down there.

G.U.N president: (Heading to the lunching area) Good.


?: Ah, but that wasn’t by someone who didn’t understand, but I, oh I understand, I can help you.

Spring: Ha! No one can understand me!

?: What if I told you I too am ‘cursed,’ as you callĀ it.

Spring: I could still care less.

He was silent for a long time.

Sonic: (Whispering to Rogue) Liked to know what’s happening here.

Rogue: (Whispering back) Me too.

G.U.N agent: Ug, how much longer?

Agent one: Two minutes.

G.U.N agents: Ug, that’s it, turn to super speed!



Eggman: I can’t just sit here!

He got into his hover craft and headed for Deep Drop Clift.


Amy and Knuckles were now uneasy about this character. So was Shadow.

Shadow: Are we done here, agents are only 30 seconds away!

?: I could care less! Tell me, Shadow… who messes with death? Because I’m death!


A Summer with Spring #2. Part 5.

G.U.N president: What’s taking him so long to report? (Tapping fingers on table) Maria, ready my hover craft.

Maria: Yes sir. It’ll be ready in 10 minuets.

G.U.N president: Good. (On Maria’s exit) Something bad is gonna happen I can feel it in my bones.


Sonic: What’s happening?

Spring: … … …There…dying…how?

?: Good question.

Shadow: Who’s there?

Sonic, Shadow and Spring’s quill were on end.

?: Me.

Sonic: (Whispering to Spring) Oh great here we go with the ‘me’ games.

He seemed to blend into the shadows, no, he was a shadow.

?: Now, let’s make this quick agents are on their way here as we speak.

Spring: Then talk faster, unless you want to be caught!

?: Ha! Like to see them try.

Spring: Oh, they won’t disappoint you.

?: (With an evil tone) Good…I hate being disappointed… by anyone.

Amy, Knuckles, and Tails took a step back. Rogue rose into the air as the grass under her feet turned black.

?: No more games. I only want one thing, one thing only, and it is Spring the hedgehog.

They all just stared.

Spring: Oh, I’ve heard this before, I’ve here every trick there is, so save me the grief and stop right there.

?: This is different.

She rolled her eyes.


Eggman: Hmm. She’s good, reminds me of… …herself. But none can resist him without consequences…deathly…consequences.