A Summer With Spring #2. Part 4.

Tails: He did what?!

Shadow: He authorized usage of any weapons needed to bring you in… Spring this is not a game, he’s serious, he really wants you… dead or alive… it looks like.

Sonic: He really doesn’t quite does he?

Shadow, Rogue, and Spring: Nope.

Knuckles noted that the leafs on the tree we turning or already black and fallen of the tree. He bumped Amy, she gave him a threatening look. “Look.” He mouthed. Her eyes widened with surprise, Tails noted.

Tails: (Whispering) What are you two-what in the world?!

By now, the grass was also turning black, so you would images the other starting to notice.

Shadow: What the heck?


G.U.N president: Agent?! Plants are turning black at Deep Drop Clift, get there, NOW! (Grumble, Grumble) It has been a hell of a day.


Eggman: (Talking to himself) Sonic’s new friend has dragged him into a deep pit so deep he, not even with his super speed, can escape. HAHAHA!


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