The word gives me the shivers, one person getting back at another. I’ve wanted to give some one a taste of their own medicine, but then I stopped and thought… ‘What good would that do, it won’t stop, or fix anything?’

Plus, most of the revenge these days are done to the people who had nothing to do with it! I could care less if to people have a fall out and can’t let it go, but when the hurt other people because of it, that isn’t right.

I’m not saying revenge is good, in fact, it is the worst thing anyone could do! But at least take it out on the person himself, or herself, not random people who could care less about the fall out, and the two people in it, and had no clue!! It makes me so mad!!


A Summer With Spring #2. Part 4.

Tails: He did what?!

Shadow: He authorized usage of any weapons needed to bring you in… Spring this is not a game, he’s serious, he really wants you… dead or alive… it looks like.

Sonic: He really doesn’t quite does he?

Shadow, Rogue, and Spring: Nope.

Knuckles noted that the leafs on the tree we turning or already black and fallen of the tree. He bumped Amy, she gave him a threatening look. “Look.” He mouthed. Her eyes widened with surprise, Tails noted.

Tails: (Whispering) What are you two-what in the world?!

By now, the grass was also turning black, so you would images the other starting to notice.

Shadow: What the heck?


G.U.N president: Agent?! Plants are turning black at Deep Drop Clift, get there, NOW! (Grumble, Grumble) It has been a hell of a day.


Eggman: (Talking to himself) Sonic’s new friend has dragged him into a deep pit so deep he, not even with his super speed, can escape. HAHAHA!