Let It Grow. Song By Spring. (My version of let it go).

The water rises high out of the ocean tonight, many dangers to be seen… A life of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen… The wind is howling like the fear inside of me, can’t run away heaven knows I’ve tried… Don’t let them in, stay of the grid, if someone asks don’t bid, stay away from society! Well that’s just me!

Let it grow, let it grow! Time for the show! Let it grow, let it grow!  Time to get and go! I don’t care if it’s not your way! Let the battle rage on! A fight never bothered me anyway…

It’s funny how some height make everything seem small, and the fear inside me ain’t there at all! It’s time to stop hiding, time to start fighting! Can’t catch me, to fast to see, I’m free!

Let it grow, let it grow! I’m the spring season! Let it grow, let it grow! You’ll never see me reason! Here I stand and here I’ll fight, let the battle rage on!


My powers flows through the ground into the trees, the water’s roars under my feet, and one that spring comes like a warm blast! I’m never going back, what you’ve done is done!

Let it grow, let it grow! I’m no longer afraid of anything! Let it grow, let it grow! That hidden girl is gone, here I stand and here I’ll fight let the battle rage ONN!  A fight never bothered me anyway.


January 12, 2015. Heads Up.

Tell me in the comments below if you want me to post my version of ‘Let it go.’

This is Spring singing, but it will not be in my story. It is just something I wanted to do…so tell me yes or no in the comments below.

(I will could the yes and the nos, it will be fair).

January 11, 2015. Heads Up.

This is about my story, A Summer With Spring. You may have noted Spring and Shadow know one another, Spring giving him the Chaos Emerald back, Shadow going to warn Spring… and there’s more to come… …no they’re not girlfriend and boyfriend… Shadow’s not that type of hedgehog.

I know you are dyeing to know who is Eggman working for… but I will not tell! It would spoil your fun.


A Summer With Spring #2. Part 3.

?: Those stupid agents won’t stop me. Spring is mine, I’ll train her until her plant and water control powers I will rule the world! None will stay to resist in fear… in fear of her.


Sonic and the others were running away from the East Beach, and stopped when they reached Deep Drop Cliff, when the agents were arriving.

G.U.N agent: She’s gone, sir.

G.U.N president: Put all agents on code red!

G.U.N agent: Yes sir.


Knuckles: (Breathing hard) What were they doing?

Rogue: They found out Spring was there.

Spring looked around, quills on end.

Amy: You know this has to end sooner or later?

Spring looked at her and tried to smile.

Spring: What if the only way it ends is if someone dies, what do you do then?

Se had no answer.

?: You disappear.

They all turned. Spring’s quills lowered a little.

?: I’ve been doing that, Shadow, and…what are you doing here?

Shadow: Came to warn you… thinking you were still alone.

Sonic: Since when do you warn people?

Amy gave him a look.

Shadow: (Calmly) When that person means something to me.


Eggman: Yes, I know I failed you.

?: Failed me? Ha! You did perfect job, I couldn’t have done better myself. Now, I’ll do the rest. Time to meet you teacher, Spring.