Problems I see in this World.

Problem one: Making useless things like TV, and video games, makes more money then growing the food we need to live! Farms should get paid more then anyone on this planet, if it weren’t for them we would starve!

Problem two: Drinking. Ok no drunk driving, well guess you gotta make sure all people at the bars came and leave in a taxi. No teen age drinking. So why do you let them buy the beer in the first place?!

Problem three: The way we treat one another. Even as young kids in pre-school we bully other kids! I mean come on, pre-school, four, five year olds? You’ve got to be kidding!

Problem four: What we watch. Shooting, adult language, you say oh no, I’m never gonna curse, then one day out of the blue… you curse! How, why you may ask. Because you heard it so much watching those movies and shows that it stuck in you brain… and well it came out.