A Summer with Spring #2. Part 2.

Shadow had been dashing for hours, he had just spotted the swarm of robots and could see signs of a fight.

Shadow: Wherever there’s a fight, Spring’s there… and a fight this big G.U.N’s not far behind.

He started of in that direction.


G.U.N agent: (Over communicated) Three minutes to location, sir.

G.U.N president: Good. I authorize usage of any weapon needed, get me that hedgehog!

G.U.N agent: Yes, sir!


Amy: There’s too many! Guys, we’re got to go!

Spring: Go! I’ll cover you, go!

Sonic hesitated, Spring looked at him.

Tails: Come on, Sonic!

Eggman: You’re not going anywhere… none of you!!!

His robots surrounded them, of course one grabbed Tails. Before it could turn him in Spring wrapped the robots in tree vines and squeezed it ’till it broke, and gently let Tails down.


Faster! Shadow thought to himself. He saw robot parts, and unnatural plant growth. He started to dash again.

A hover craft flew over his head, then about… oh, 30 more.

Shadow: That’s bad!

He started running faster, leaving a trail of fire behind him.