A Summer with Spring #2. Part 1.

Spring: What do you mean by summery things?

Sonic: Having fun. Laying in the sun, relaxing, ya know, those types of things.

Amy: You forgot on thing, Sonic.

Knuckles: Bothering Eggface, if needed.

Tails: I think that’s an any season thing.

The friends laughed. They had only known Spring for two week but she felt like…an old friend.


?: So Spring, finally made some friends a? Well, that won’t stop me.

Eggman: Want me to pay ’em a visit?

?: NO! We must wait for the right moment!


G.U.N agent: Spring’s been busy, she destroyed the hovering base.

G.U.N president: Current location.

G.U.N agent: Unknown.

G.U.N president: Keep looking’!!


Amy: I don’t believe it, no Eggman attack…a peaceful day!

Sonic: Ya…strange, right?

Knuckles: Who cares?! Long he ain’t destroying anything’!

They all nodded. This way a rare day…very rare day.


?: Shadow, do you copy?

Shadow: Agent Shadow, here.

G.U.N agent: Good. Spring is back on the grid, if you see her you are ordered to tell the president himself. Do you understand, agent Shadow?

Shadow: Understood. Shadow signing off. (To himself) Got’a warn her…what a mess. Ug.


The group just starred as the same message was delivered to Rogue. Spring shifted her weight many times.

Rogue: I’m not gonna do it.

Spring sighted. She looked very young and scared, despite the fact that she is 15 years of age.

Spring: He don’t give up, does he?

Rogue: Who, Richard, ha! Never!

Spring: So this is never gonna end.

She slumped down into the sand and looked up into the clear blue sky.

Amy: How’d this all start?

Spring: Made the wrong choices, trusted the wrong hedgehogs.


?: Now!

Eggman: Finally!!


G.U.N president: Anything?

G.U.N agent: Nothing.

G.U.N president: (To himself) You’ve slipped away from me once, ain’t gonna happen again! (To agent) Keep Looking’!


The sun was high in the sky.

Knuckles: Look at that big cloud!

The others looked up and saw a huge black ‘cloud’ in the sky.

Sonic: That ain’t no cloud!

Amy: Then what is it?

Rogue and Spring: Trouble.

As it drew closer they could see what it was.

Tails: Look at all ’em robots.

Rogue: Too many.

Spring: (Looking at Rogue) G.U.N robots?

Sonic: No, Eggface robots!

Tails: Looks like he didn’t need my help after all.

The thing Eggman wanted Tails to do was to help him build a robot army…which he did just fine without.

Amy: Ya think.

Sonic: (Getting ready for a fight) Vacation’s over!


G.U.N agent: Sir! We’ve got a huge swarm of robots on the East Beach.

G.U.N president: Put it on screen. (After watching for two seconds) There! Hello, Spring…my, how much you grown! (To agent) Get agents there…NOW, I WANT THAT HEDGEHOG!!


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  1. Knuckles: Look at that beig cloud!

    She slumped down into the sand and looked up into the clear blue shy.


  2. Great work! Like the character Spring, name fits. What about her water powers are they gonna come back into the story?
    And what is it with her and Shadow? Why did she get the emerald for him?


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