A Summer With Spring.

Standing on Deep Drop Cliff you could see for ages over Angry Sea. But something wasn’t right… something big.

What’s up? He asked himself.

That is! He answered his own thoughts. There in the center of the Angry Sea was a… base?!

Sonic: Well, looks like Eggman’s made a new base for us to trash…a guys?

Tails: Yay, how we gonna get there?

Rogue: (Flying over) Guys… (seeing the base)… no!

Amy: Oh, please!

Rogue: No! I’m putting my foot–

She was staring at the base. The others turned to look, a huge pillar of smoke drifted into the sky above Eggman’s base.

Knuckles: What’s going on?

Rogue: No, that can’t be right!

All: What?

Rogue: There’s a Chaos Emerald, over there.

Sonic: You don’t think… Shadow’s doing that?

Tails: Maybe… more likely…

Boom! Now the base stopped hovering, it was sinking into the sea. But of course Eggman got into his hover craft and was staring in rage at his x-base.

Eggman: Well, I’m disposed of that hedgehog pest… and my emerald…NO!

?: You can’t mean this hedgehog, and this emerald, right eggface?

A female hedgehog was standing on a unnatural water spout.

Eggman: you might as well be Sonic! You’re just as hard to dispose of, Spring!

Spring: None of this would have happened if you didn’t steal the Chaos Emerald.

Eggman was no enraged. When he finished pushing buttons Spring was gone.

Eggman: NOO!


Sonic: That was… totally cool!

Tails: And impossible.

Amy: Ya, walking on water… really?!

Knuckles: Ya, we can’t even swim!

Tails: Rogue, can’t you search her name…I think it was, Spring.

Rogue: Good idea, kid.

Sonic: Well?

Rogue: …Not good…

All: What?

Rogue: …She’s wanted…

Tails: What? What did she do?

Rogue: That’s the thing… she did nothing… she has no criminal records.

Amy: Then why… what’s her sentence?

Rogue: …Death.

Amy: They know about her abilities, they’re scared, of her.


?: You have failed, me.

Eggman: Please, give me another chance, I’ll get the emerald.

?: No! Now, I want that pest… Spring.

Eggman: Yes, sir, thank you sir.


Tails and Sonic went for a walk in the woods next to their ‘hideout.’ They were having a great time, so great, the lost track of time.

Tails: Whoa! Sonic look!

The sun was setting.

Sonic: Whoa! Buddy! Let’s start heading back.

Tails’ ears twitched, he came to halt. So did Sonic.

Sonic: What did you here lil’ bud?

Tails: Someone’s watching us.

They looked around. Sonic’s quills were on end, in defense mode. Tails’ ears twitched, again. A twig snapped.

Sonic: There!

He pointed at a figure standing in the shadows. At being seen, she dashed of. Sonic and Tails followed.

Tails: We’re catching up!

?: (Running from the two, to herself) Not anymore.

The trees came to life and grabbed Tails.

Tails: Sonic, help! The trees got me!

Sonic stopped. He looked at the hedgehog dash off into the distance. Then ran back to help Tails. But he was gone.

Sonic: Tails, were are you, buddy?!

Tails: Help! Let go, Sonic, help!

Sonic looked around frantically.

Sonic: Tails? Tails? Tails, were are you? Tails?!

Eggman: Say good-bye, Tails!

Tails: Help, Sonic!

Sonic: (losing sight of Eggman’s hover craft) Tails!


Amy: What?!

Sonic: (Sadly) He’s got Tails.

Knuckles: Well, why are we just standing here, we’ve got to get him back!

Rogue: But where’s his new base?

Sonic was now looking up into the sky.

Amy: We’re gonna save him, you know that, right?

Sonic: I know… it just…I was there…I…could have done something!


Eggman: You listen here, you, you… two tailed brat! Sonic can’t save you! Just do what I say… and I’ll let you go.

Tails: Never! Sonic’s gonna save me, and you’ll be sorry!

Eggman: Arrg!

Tails had flown out of reach. He tried to make a break for it… but something grabbed him by the tails.

Tails: Help! Ah!

Eggman: Ha, got ya!


Knuckles: … …guys…

All: What?! Oh, coming!

Rogue: What-over there.

The trees unwound their limbs from Knuckles’ body.

?: Sorry ’bout that… got’a go.

Sonic dashed and grabbed her. She stopped.

?: Please don’t turn me in, I’ve done nothing, their just scared of me, that’s all.

Sonic: I’m not gonna do that, I just want to know, if you know were Eggman’s base is, Spring.

She stared into his eyes for a long time, her green and sea blue quills began to lower, and slowly she nodded.

Spring: Follow me… someone is already there, waiting for me.

So they all dashed off.


Tails struggled, it was no good.

Eggman: Don’t waist your energy, Tails, that is pure diamond, you can’t break it. Hahaha!

The claws grip became stronger, Tails winced.

Tails: (To himself) Hurry Sonic!… Hurry!


?: Sonic? (looking at Spring) What’s he doing here?

Spring: Eggman’s got his friend, here’s your emerald.

Sonic: You took the emerald back for Eggman…for…him?

Shadow glared at him. Spring gave him a look. The two stopped.

Knuckles: Now, how were gonna get in?

Spring: Easy!

The trees ripped of the vent.

Spring: The ventilation system… or course.

Sonic: Ladies first.

Amy: Yuck! What’s that smell?

Rogue: I think its Eggman’s… lab room… yuck!

Sonic: Main room?

Shadow: Left, then right.


Eggman: Last time Tails.

Tails: No, not in a thousand years, Eggbelly!


Spring: We should be right over the main room, now.

Shadow: Don’t look down now!

Right below them was Eggman himself.

Sonic: I don’t see Tails.

Spring: Don’t lean on the vent, Sonic!

He nodded.

Knuckles: Where is Tails? I can’t see through the vents.

Spring: … …Not good… he is enclosed in a diamond claw… and his tails can’t take much more of it…

Sonic looked at her.

Sonic: How-what do you mean… ‘can’t take much more,’ exactly?

Spring:… Any more pressure, and the blood won’t circulated… and I can see through things… by the way, it’s not a big deal… but if save him soon it could… be.

Sonic looked worried. Eggman looked up, they all leaned back, and held their breath.

Eggman: Oh, is it hot, or is it just me? Let me turn on the AC.

Amy: Shoot! He knows we’re here!

He pushed a button and the vent panels under their knees fell along with them.

Eggman: How stupid do you think I am?

Spring: Very.

Tails looked up, and smiled.

Spring: Sonic, Shadow, you two start hitting that thing with all you got… we’ll take care of Ergonomic over here.

Tails: Sonic! I knew you’d come!

Sonic: Ya, I’d never leave you… never, we’re gonna get you out of here.

Shadow: This is gonna take a while.

Knuckles now had his fist in Eggman’s face.

Knuckles: Where’s the release button, NOW…(raising his fists) or else!

Eggman: Who puts a release button to a diamond claw?!

Spring: Oh well, guess we gonna need to blast it to bits… what a waist of material… don’t you think?

Tails: Hurry!

Sonic and Shadow: We are… could use some help here!

Spring tied Eggman to his seat with tree vines, and they all came to help demolish the diamond claw. It took about another 15 minutes of bashing and trashing but they did it!

Tails: Thanks, I don’t know how much longer I could last hanging like that.

Amy: Good, now let’s get out of here…place gives me the creeps.

They all dashed off, destroying anything that got in their ways. After the left the base Shadow went his way. Spring was about to leave, but Sonic stopped her, again.

Sonic: Why don’t you stay with us.

Spring: I couldn’t…I’d put you all in danger.

Tails: Are you kidding? What’s live without danger?!

Spring: (Laughing) Ok, I’ll stay.

This was the beginning of a new relationship… and adventure.


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  1. He pushed a button and the vent panels under their knees feel along with them.

    Except for this error, the story is great; please post the rest of it.


  2. Great story, what is it between Shadow and Spring? Are they in love?!
    Please continue the great work!
    (I’m writing this on the wii U game pad…bad idea…very bad…slow going, here). 😀


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